2017 Hall of Fame Inductees

LEFT TO RIGHT: Alex Terris, Peter Jennings, Chris Futcher-Coles, Abraham Sie, Michael Creedy, John Marrable, Grant Bannister, Peter Kelly, Brett Canning, George Lee, John Tomic

AMAHOF Inductees – 2017

Abraham Sie Budoka of the Year – Zen Do Kai
Alex Terris Lifetime Achievement – Kyokushin Karate
Brett Canning Instructor of the Year – United Taekwondo
Chris Futcher-Coles Lifetime Achievement – Kung Fu
George Lee Lifetime Achievement – Tai Chi – Chi Gong
Grant Bannister Lifetime Achievement – San Chi Kai Karate
John Marrable Lifetime Achievement – Goju Ryu Karate
John Tomic Martial Artist of the Year – United Taekwondo
Michael Creedy Lifetime Achievement – Martial Arts
Peter Jennings Lifetime Achievement – Kyokushin Karate
Peter Kelly Martial Artist of the Year – Aikido