Inducted into the A.M.A.H.O.F.(Inc) for 2017
Budoka of the Year – Zen Do Kai

Inducted into the W.K.U.H.O.F. for 2017
Budoka of the Year – Zen Do Kai


Started martial arts training in November 1993 when introduced to Shihan Roland Winter’s first Zen Do Kai dojo located in Bondi Junction.

Progressed from white belt to the current rank of 3rd Degree black belt and still training with Shihan Roland assisting with his current club in Brookvale instructing both children and adults.

Attained 1st Degree black belt (ZDK) in 1997 and started training in Jin Wu Koon (JWK) Kung Fu under Sifu Chan Cheuk Fai. All the while still training in both ZDK and JWK weekly until 2000 when I had to stop JWK due to work commitments.

Attained 2nd Degree black belt (ZDK) in 1998 and Yellow sash (JWK) in 1999.

In 2010 attended the ZDK 40 year Anniversary in Melbourne re-establishing contact with NSW ZDK head instructor Kyoshi Rhett Junker. Both Shihan Roland and I then trained under Kyoshi Rhett for our next progression after more than 12 years without grading in ZDK.

Also in 2010 both Shihan Roland and I started training with Kyoshi Hans Fricke in Nakamura Ryu Battodo. Shihan Roland required to learn sword skills for his next ZDK grading and invited me along so I will be ready when such a time for me to grade the same level. Again ZDK training still continues whilst training in Nakamura Ryu.

Attained 3rd Degree black belt (ZDK) in 2012.and 1st Degree black belt (Nakamura Ryu) in 2013. Attained Purple belt (BKJ Arnis) in 2013.

In  2014, Opened the Katsumushi Dojo in Kensington teaching ZDK karate to children and attained 2nd Degree black belt (Nakamura Ryu) in 2017.