Inducted into the A.M.A.H.O.F. (Inc) for 2017
Instructor of the Year – United Taekwondo

Inducted into the W.K.U.H.O.F. for 2017
Instructor of the Year – United Taekwondo

I began training in Taekwondo in March 1989 as a student of Rhee Taekwondo. In 2007 a number of my black belts, students and I made the transition to United Taekwondo and I became the senior instructor for the Canberra region.

I very proudly achieved my 5th degree black belt in June 2017. We started in United Taekwondo in 2007 with two dojangs and about 40 students. Now, the Canberra region has 12 dojangs, 7 school programs, and teaches over 400 students.

I am very passionate about Taekwondo and am proud to be the Chief Instructor of United Taekwondo in the Canberra region. I take great pleasure in being a part of the development of every member in Canberra and of the organisation as a whole. I feel that United Taekwondo contributes to the whole martial art community through its open mindedness and cooperative attitude.

One of the main reasons I have stayed with Taekwondo for so long is the friendships I have formed. United Taekwondo is very much a family martial art, and I am proud to say that my wife, who joined my class in 2000, is now a 3rd degree black belt, all four of our children are training or have trained, including our 10 year old twins recently becoming junior black belts!

After 28 years of training, at age 44, I am still dedicated to my own training. I am motivated by watching and training with others and always strive to improve my technique and fitness. I feel I am a positive role model to my students and the region. I know many students train with me and train like me, as they recognise the great benefits of my classes.

I am proud of what I have achieved in Taekwondo in the Canberra community and look forward to many more years of involvement.