Sensei Seisuke Kawakubo

Passed away 8th February 2018

Sensei Seisuke Kawakubo, Japan Kodokan 8th Dan, was a member of the UTAS Hobart Club as a guest coach and regular visitor since 1996. He was a retired Professor of Socio Linguistics and Judo at Fukuoka University and Daii-Ichi Pharmaceutical University. Sensei Kawakubo was the Executive Director of World Masters Judo Association in Japan, the Chairman of Kitakyushu University Judo Association, and Instructor of All Japan University Judo Association.  Sensei Kawakubo was many times medallist at World Master Championships. He was also the Assistant USA Coach at World Titles, Lausanne in 1973 and the Olympic Games in Montreal 1976. He spent 3 years in Costa Rica teaching Judo as Japan Kodokan Judo ambassador and was Kodokan Japan Senior adviser.

Sensei Seisuke Kawakubo was inducted into AMAHOF at the 2008 Gold Coast Awards as Martial Artist of the Year Kodokan Judo. AMAHOF Profile

danny simmons-dec

Sensei Daniel Simmons

Passed away 18/10/2014
Danny commenced his training in 1955 in NSW and in 1963 was a serious contender for a place on the Australian Olympic Judo Team.
He had a long and illustrious career in Judo and in 2007 he attained the rank of Godan.
He was inducted into AMAHOF in 2014.
Danny had a lifetime dedicated to teaching young Judoka students, his peers in Judo and his many friends consider that Danny was a man of great integrity who’s word was his bond.

mal lomaxHanshi Malcolm Lomax 9th Dan

(24 November 1947 – 13 July 2010)

Presidents message:

Hanshi Malcolm Lomax was promoted to 9th Dan Hanshi in June 2005 by the Australasian Sokeship Council (ASC) under the Chairmanship of Grandmaster Barry Bradshaw.
He was appointed an Inaugural member of the Australasian Sokeship Council (ASC) on it’s formation in 1997.
In 1998 he was appointed the Vice President of AMAHOF and remained in that position until his retirement from the position in 1999. He continued as a Board Director until 2008.
He attended most AMAHOF Awards events and assisted in Grading panels whenever asked by the ASC.
He will remain in our memories forever as such.

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barry bradshaw

Barry (Brad) W Bradshaw


(AMAHOF’s first Martial Arts Legend with President Ramon Lawrence)

(10 February 1939 – 12 July 2010)

Presidents message:

Grandmaster Barry Bradshaw was promoted to 10th Dan in November 1997 and became the first Chairman of the Inaugural Australasian Sokeship Council (ASC) on it’s formation the same year. He remained the Chairman until his resignation in February 2010.
In 2000 he was appointed the Vice President of AMAHOF and remained in that position until his retirement in February 2010.
Grandmaster Bradshaw only missed attending the AMAHOF Awards once in the whole time it existed and that was due to a family illness that prevented him joining us at the last moment. Such loyal dedication to service and duty is a demonstration to us all in what is expected of a martial artist to become such a senior and well respected member of the Australasian Martial Arts Industry.

He will remain in our memories forever as such.

Shihan Charles Mareikura

(12th March 1952 -1st June 2009)


Shihan Makeikura was inducted into the New Zealand Hall of Fame in 2000. He was inducted into both AMAHOF and WKUHOF on Saturday 1st June, 2002, as the Maori Martial Artist of the Year at a ceremony held at Lake Taupo, New Zealand.

During his time involved in martial arts he practised many styles -Tien Sien Pai; Whanake Rangataua; Syukukan; Kyokushinkai; Kysyukan; and Shotokan karate. He attended many seminars around the world and spent much time training in Japan. At the time of his Induction into AMAHOF he held Karate 5th Dan and Judo 1st Dan qualifications.

Shihan Makeikura represented New Zealand in a number of international competitions over his martial arts career. Unfortunately he lost his battle with cancer on 1st June 2009 and will be missed by all of his friends in the martial arts community.

His achievements and commitment to the development of martial arts during his distinguished career is a great loss indeed. Our condolences go to his family.
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(1923 – APRIL 1992)

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(1929 – 11TH OCTOBER 1991)

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