Inducted into the A.M.A.H.O.F. (Inc) and W.K.U.H.O.F. for 2023

Continual Excellence and Service to the Australasian Martial Arts Community

Sharon started taekwondo in 2001 with her sister Kim. It was a big step for her as she hadn’t learnt a new activity since she left school!

Under the tutelage of Instructor Brett, she quickly realised that taekwondo wasn’t about aggression and getting hurt, as she first thought. It was about discipline, precision, fitness, meeting new people, and most of all… fun! She had aspirations of becoming a blue belt, as in her opinion, that was the best coloured belt!!!

Instructor Brett made the classes so great, and the other students were so friendly and motivational, that she was addicted within the first few months of training.

Once Sharon got her black belt in 2003, she became an instructor of a children’s class with her fellow black belt, Obi. That was when she realised where her passion fell. In teaching children. She is a qualified child care worker and worked with children for many of her younger years, so this seemed like a natural progression. She could really see the benefit in building up their confidence and discipline through a martial art.

However, one of the pivotal moments in her taekwondo career was when she met Master Paul Mitchell in 2007. Along with Chief Instructor Brett, and Instructors Peter and Lachlan, they all changed their martial art club to join what she thinks was the best move ever – to learn and develop under an inspirational leader who wanted to build people up to be become the best they could be. And that became the motto to live by.

In 2010, her twin children Hallie and Cooper were finally old enough to join Sharon’s special class for three year olds. They continued to get their black belts when they were 9 (Hallie) and 10 (Cooper) years old, which were extremely proud moments for her.

By 2014, Sharon was a full time children’s instructor, teaching 16 classes a week at school lunch times and before and after school.

Along with spending time with her family and her dogs, especially her pudgy pug, watching movies and laughing with friends, taekwondo is Sharon’s greatest passion. She believes she is building confidence and enjoyment in children’s lives all around Canberra, with over 300 students participating in her classes every week. Sharon is incredibly grateful to now Chief Instructor Brett, Master Paul Mitchell, and all of her family that are involved in United Taekwondo. She is a better person because of it!