Inducted into the A.M.A.H.O.F. (Inc) and W.K.U.H.O.F. for 2023

Continual Excellence and Service to the Australasian Martial Arts Community

Mike started his martial arts journey in 1991 training Muay Thai with Bill Osborne. Later moving more into Freestyle Martial Arts through many great influences before joining Zen Do Kai Karate with Sean Allen in 2003. It was the Mixed Martial Arts combined with the traditional values that excited Mike the most and why he transitioned from part time to full time martial arts training in 1993.

Privileged to train with many of Western Australia’s great martial artists, Guro Mike was given an opportunity in 2005 in what was the first of many yearly trips to the Philippines and now globally for Kali (Filipino Martial Arts) all while still actively teaching and training Karate, Muay Thai and back then Arnis. Since 2008 Mike has been extensively travelling, learning and teaching Kali in many countries including invitations to unique opportunities like Ireland and Morocco, plus regular appearances throughout Europe and Southeast Asia. Honoured to be a guest instructor at his Grand Master’s camp, whilst in the Philippines he met many greats like Hanshi Tino Ceberano, GM Rodel Dagooc and many other great masters where he stills keeps alliances with to this very day.

January 2007 the Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness (AMAF) full time training Dojo in East Vic Park opened with no students. Knowing it would work and networking with many friends, family and alliances it grew to 100 students in the first year and peaked to 320+ just as Covid hit. AMAF is Mike’s full time location, sharing Karate and Muay Thai, plus it’s the HQ for Kali Self Defence. With instructor training development programs for all styles and ages, Mike also has sponsored many people/families over the years with his passion for personal growth and development.

Guro Mike currently has 6 (KSD) locations, Kali Self Defence is one of these growing arts. KSD has grown by growing and providing assistant instructors to martial arts clubs who wish to have a weapon based martial art program to complement the current martial arts at their club. It develops an assistant instructor team into more experienced instructors by the time they grade to 1st degree Black Belts. However by also by training the club owner and/or their team to get more knowledge and development through the Kasama club structure, so that they may continue to grow and teach Kali themselves at their own club or location.