Inducted into the A.M.A.H.O.F. (Inc) and W.K.U.H.O.F. for 2023

Continual Excellence and Service to the Australasian Martial Arts Community

Grandmaster Felix (Cheok Son) Leong was born at Foshan, in Guangdong province in China to a Martial Arts family. This led to him being influenced from an early age, especially by his Grandmother who was regarded as a highly skilled martial artist. Grandmaster Leong has studied Wing Chun under a number of highly respected Masters including Yip Chun to whom he is a family disciple of Ip Man, Sum Nung, Lei Chi Wah & Pan Nam. He is also a Permanent President of the Ip Man Wing Chun Association governing the Australasian region.

Felix Leong or Cheok Son Leong is a Grandmaster of the Chinese martial art of the Wing Chun style,  has achieved his Gold Monkul in Muay Thai and is a martial arts champion. In 2015 Leong’s academy was nearly incinerated after over 30 years of operation. In 2019 the entire SANFL Norwood Redlegs football team came to Leong’s academy to practice Kung Fu.

Grandmaster Leong is also fully qualified in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Beijing Acupuncture and Orthopedic Hospital in Mainland China with 35 years experience.

Early life

Leong was born at Foshan in Guangdong province, China, and influenced at an early age, especially by his grandmother, who was regarded as a high level master in martial arts.

Martial arts career

In 1974 Cheok Son established his martial arts academy in Sydney moving to Adelaide in the early 80’s. His club has a background in all 3 lineages of Wing Chun along with Muay Thai, Wu Shu, Tai Chi and Qigong.Many of the world’s foremost martial artists have taught at Leong’s academy, including Ip Chun, Yuttana Wong Bandue and Li Jun Feng. Leong is one of the few disciples of Sum Nung, successor of Yuen Kay Shan. Leong was taken as a disciple because Leong held a national and pacific championship titles in martial arts. Nung’s hobby was fighting birds he would not feed the ones that couldn’t fight hence why he took on Leong as a disciple because he could already fight, that was his philosophy.