2023 AMAHOF Inductees at the AMAHOF Presentation Awards Gala 2023
L-R: Matt Geister (2021), Dave Thew, Mick Brinkley, Mike Waite, Chris Bailey, Lindsay Guy, Gerard Kelly, James Sheedy, Nick Wyborn, Sharon Canning, and Gawain Siu.
Absent: Leong Cheok Son

Congratulations to the 2023 AMAHOF Inductees

The following people have been accepted as inductees into AMAHOF in 2023.
Their formal induction took place at the 2023 award ceremony in Liverpool,
N.S.W. on 18-20 August 2023 at Liverpool Catholic Club.

Chris Bailey
Mick Brinkley
Sharon Canning
Lindsay Guy
Gerard Kelly
James Sheedy
Gawain Siu
Leong Cheok Son
David Thew
Mike Waite
Nick Wyborn

2023 Gala Awards Presentation Dinner Report