Inducted into the A.M.A.H.O.F. Inc. for 2019
Martial Artist of the Year – Zen Do Kai

Inducted into the W.K.U.H.O.F. for 2019
Martial Artist of the Year – Zen Do Kai

Nigel first started to consider a martial arts life journey in 1986 although he did participate in Judo and Boxing prior to this. In 1989 after earning his black belt he realised he had a passion for teaching and helping others which has led to many other business ventures and providing services to local and national organisations.

He has always loved the inspiration that so many people in the arts provide that he has felt it is his duty to pass on this knowledge. This has led his passion in helping others in challenging situations whether it is one on one or complete schools or community.

He currently uses resources also to help the wider community from fight events like rumble for Ra last year where he ran a fight show to raise money for Ra who unfortunately was paralysed from a martial art accident to running self-defence courses where they donate 100% to women’s refuge to things like providing free gym space for free work outs for men with cancer. He believes in never ending improvement which is why still to this day I train every day and travel religiously to up skill.

  • Started training Bob Jones Martial arts (Zen Do Kai)                                              1986
  • Black Belt – Shodan Ho                                                                                            1989
  • Opened first club and started teaching                                                                    1989
  • Coaching New Zealand level 2                                                                                 2007
  • Launched Proactive Life skills (Schools – life skills development systems)              2008
  • Started running combat shop Supplying martial arts equipment nationwide            2012
  • Co foundered Affinity fitness gym                                                                             2014
  • Promoted to 7th Dan Tari miliata                                                                                2016
  • Promoted to 6th Dan Zen Do Kai                                                                               2016
  • Promoted to level 6 Thai boxing                                                                               2017
  • Graded to level 2 Krav Maga                                                                                    2018
  • Built a new state of the art training facility in Christchurch                                        2018
  • Open two new schools to a total of 7 schools                                                           2019