2018 Hall of Fame Inductees

The 2018 AMAHOF Inductees: (From L to R) Andrew Kantzavelos, Neville Sharp, Joseph Julian, David Gordon, Xu Weiguo, Patricia Harrington, George Kolovos, Matt Charnley, Dr. Peter Lewis, Terry Young.

AMAHOF Inductees – 2018

Andrew Kantzavelos Instructor of the Year – Kenpo
Neville Sharp Lifetime achievement – Judo
Joseph Julian Lifetime achievement – Karate
David Gordon Martial Artist of the year – Toyama Ryu  Iaido
Xu Weiguo Lifetime achievement, Wing Chun Tai Ji
Patricia Harrington Lifetime achievement – Judo Ju Jitsu
George Kolovos Lifetime achievement –  Kyokushin Karate
Matt Charnley Martial artist of the year – Mixed Martial Arts
Dr. Peter Lewis Budoka of the year – Karate
Terry Young Lifetime achievement – Judo

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