Inducted into the A.M.A.H.O.F.(Inc) for 2016
Lifetime Achievement – Martial Arts

Inducted into the W.K.U.H.O.F. for 2016
Lifetime Achievement – Martial Arts

Terry Lim’s passion for martial arts is matched only by his dedication to teaching and promoting the values of Budo. With a martial arts journey that spans over six decades, Terry’s expertise covers a wide spectrum of disciplines, making him a respected figure in the martial arts community.

Early Life and Journey: Terry Lim’s martial arts journey commenced in 1956 in Penang, Malaysia, when he started training in combat judo (Jujitsu) under the guidance of Jacky Ong. Over the years, his training expanded to encompass Aikido, Mushindo, Hokkien Shaolin martial arts, and more. Lim’s dedication to learning led him to Melbourne in the early ’60s, where he continued his education and martial arts training.

Terry’s journey included training in Hung Ga Kung Fu and San Chi Kai Karate, earning him a Shodan (First Dan Black Belt) in the latter. His academic accomplishments are equally impressive, having graduated from Swinburne University of Technology and subsequently worked as an industrial chemist, rising to the position of Chief Control Chemist at Ensign Laboratories.

Martial Arts Achievements: Terry Lim’s contributions to the martial arts community are remarkable. In 1981, he founded the Loong Fu Pai Martial Arts Academy, which has flourished into one of Melbourne’s most successful martial arts schools. With over 350 active students and more than 60 black belts, it stands as a testament to his dedication and leadership.

One of his significant achievements includes hosting inter-club martial arts tournaments since 1985, attracting participants from various martial arts clubs. His efforts in promoting martial arts extend to his role as the Australian Director of the World All Styles Combat Association and membership in the World Kumite Organisation (WKO Japan).

In 2016, Terry Lim received well-deserved recognition when he was inducted into the Australasian Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Inc. His dedication to martial arts, spanning over 35 years at the Loong Fu Pai Martial Arts Academy, has left an indelible mark on the community.

Kali Sticks and Tournament Circuit: Terry Lim holds a 4th Dan in the International Philippine Martial Arts Federation (Kombatan) and specializes in Kali sticks, a popular and well-practiced weapon. He conducted a Kali stick (Arnis) fighting seminar in 2015, showcasing his expertise.

His passion for tournaments has led him to organize inter-club tournaments three times a year for over 30 years. These tournaments have become a platform for martial artists to test their skills and foster camaraderie within the community.

Hall of Fame and Beyond: Terry Lim’s 70th birthday was marked by a remarkable feat—bending a two-meter metal rod with his throat, as captured in the acclaimed documentary “It’s him… Terry Lim” by Angus Sampson. In 2016, he received a lifetime achievement award at the Australasian Martial Arts Hall of Fame and World Karate Union Hall Of Fame.

Terry Lim’s dedication to martial arts and his significant contributions to the community stand as a testament to his unwavering commitment to the values of Budo. He continues to inspire and nurture future generations of martial artists through his academy and passion for the martial arts.