Training: Australia, England, Holland, Vanuatu, Fiji, India, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan (a few times in several countries) Styles: Karate, Kickboxing, Aikido, Ju Jutsu, Shintaido, Tai Chi, Qi Qong, Reikijitsu

Started in 1973 in Liverpool, England inspired by Bruce Lee, emigrated to Australia in 1975 (trained 5 days PW – Karate, Kickboxing, Ju Jutsu) 1982-88 became full-time gym / aerobics / karate instructor (8 branches). Went part-time 1988-1995. Full-time again 1995- present day.

Officially stopped running my own schools 2006 to focus on the networks but kept a financial interest in a number of clubs. 1980 – Started working with instructors from different styles to broaden his own skills and help other teaching to validate and grow their own styles.

In 1990 this became the ‘Circle of Knowledge’ group that met every month to share knowledge / skills in a teachers training session. It became more formal in 1993 to become the International Karate Alliance (Australia / Japan / UK) the group expanded to other styles and changed its name to accommodate them in 1999 to International Martial Arts Alliance which had members in 15 countries. In 2004 it added another group to concentrate on the home soil called Martial Arts Australia which continues to grow with in excess of 2200 members (3000+ club branches).

Graham continues to travel the globe seeking out the best masters to meet, discuss arts and train with while keeping up his own personal training in Australia. Graham’s long time coach Sensei Stan Schmidt is preparing him for his 7th dan grading (for the past 3 years).


  • Kyu Grades – 1975-1980 (Kyokushin, Kenshin Kan, Shotokan, Shotokai) 1st Dan – Shotokai Karate 1981 Australia
  • 2nd Dan – Shotokai Karate 1983 Japan 3rd Dan – Shotokai Karate 1986 Japan 4th Dan Shotokai 1994 Australia (by Japanese Panel) 5th Dan Karate 1997 Australia (IKA Panel) 6th Dan Karate 2001 Australia (Tony Jackson – IMA)


  • Australia, England, Holland, Vanuatu, Fiji, India, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Japan
  • Coaching National Teams Japan (4) Indonesia (2)
  • Lecturer for a number of Registered Training Organisations since 2004 RTOs: Kensusei, Budo College, Global Fitness, TTS100,
  • Investment Banking Institute Subjects: Sports Coaching / Risk Management / Business / Video Production / IT
  • Publicity:  70+ articles featured in local, national and international publications (newspapers & MA magazines) – some of the publications – Knox News, Nunawading Gazette, Herald Sun, Blitz, Namban Force, Karate Life, MA Illustrated, Traditional Karate, Fighting Arts, Impact, Bujutsu, Combat Networks
  • Created International Karate Alliance, International Martial Arts Alliance, Martial Arts Australia, Martial Arts Network, UK Martial Arts Business Network, Martial Arts Media Alliance, Australian Martial Arts Directory.

Industry Work:

  • Has facilitated numerous industry meetings for instructors (included government representatives attending).
  • Supports Industry by offering a unity voice to the government when required.
  • Helps School Owners obtain better rates / discounts on essential business products their need to operate their clubs.
  • Provides nationally recognized training course to help create new industry standards.
  • Promotes all styles / associations through TV Media / Online networks
  • Helps Instructors set up their schools and operate more cost effectively.
  • Provides Business Resource Tools to help schools grow their clubs

Media Work:

  • Martial Arts & Natural Therapies – TV Show 1998
  • Headspin Productions Malaysian Action Tour – Documentary 2001
  • Deeper Insight Productions Interactive Martial Arts Magazine (Issues 1-5) 2004-2006
  • K-Star Kung Fu Star TV Series – Australia / China 2006
  • Shenzen TV, AC Media & Deeper Insight Productions
  • Shaolin Stage Show – 2007 Free to Air, Pay TV & DVD AC Media & Deeper Insight Productions
  • Taste of the Arts DVD 2007 –
  • Deeper Insight Productions Interactive Martial Arts TV Program (Series 1 & 2) 2006-2008
  • Martial Arts TV Pay-Per-View Channel 2010
  • Kapow TV Series 2012 (other minor titles and instructional videos have not been included)

Graham continues to travel the globe and interview some of the top names in the martial arts industry also covering numerous events and promoting them through various media channels