Inducted into the A.M.A.H.O.F.(Inc) for 2013
Budoka of the Year – ITF Taekwondo

 Inducted into the W.K.U.H.O.F. for 2013
Budoka of the Year – ITF Taekwondo

I began my Taekwon-Do training in Papakura Auckland in September 1980. My first instructor was Mr Olly Olsen. We were part of the South Pacific Taekwon-Do group headed by Master Young Ku Yun.

From mid-1983 my second instructor was Mr Thomas Tamakore. I was now training four nights a week in Taekwon-Do as I still do today. I received my 1st Degree Black Belt in June 1984.

In October 1984 I took over the Manurewa and Papakura clubs from Mr Tamakore. I still run that same club in Papakura twice a week today. In 2006 I closed the Manurewa club and since then I have assisted Master Paul McPhail twice a week at his club in Papakura.

In June of 1985 my students and I joined joined the Lim’s Taekwon-Do group in Hamilton. Willie Lim was one of the pioneers of Taekwon-Do in NZ emigrating from Malaysia in 1969.

During the next 5 years Mr Lim provided us with the opportunity to train with many famous International Masters among them. Professor Wally Jay, Professor Remy Presas, George Dillman, Fumio Demura, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, Benny “The Jet” Urquidez and William Cheung. During this time I travelled to Australia and the USA to train with William Cheung, Dan Inosanto and Master Chai Sirisute. I hosted several Thai Boxing seminars in NZ for Master Chai Sirisute and Kali / Thai Boxing seminars with Terry Gibson (An instructor under Dan Inosanto).

In 1991 Willie Lim immigrated to the USA and my students and I joined ITFNZ.

Since 1991 I have attended 3 international instructors’ courses. One conducted by the founder of Taekwon-Do General Choi Hong Hi. Plus one International Umpires course conducted by The Chairman of the International Umpires Committee for ITF.

I have competed actively in tournaments since 1984 and have placed consistently throughout the years. One highlight was to win the veterans sparring division in the ITKD Nationals in 2011.

Since 2006 I have been involved in coaching the New Zealand National Taekwon-Do Team. Firstly as assistant to Dave Ballard then after his death in 2009 as Head Coach. Currently Head coach for the NZ Team preparing for the ITF World Champs in Benidorm Spain 2013.

Balintawak Escrima

In 1987 I began training in Balintawak Escrima with Grandmaster Bobby Taboada in Hamilton. I have taught this system in Auckland since 1991.


In 1995 I began training with the Shinryukan Aikido group. My first instructor was Mr Ron Evans then later Mr Jeff Waldron and Alex Pearson. Training 6 times per week I was promoted to 1st Dan in 1999.

Achievements & Awards

  • 2006 Won the NZCT Sporting Excellence Award.
  • 2007 ITFNZ Instructor of the year.
  • 2007 NZ Team Assistant Coach ITF World Champs Quebec Canada. New Zealand placed 3rd.
  • 2009 ITFNZ Instructor of the year.
  • 2009 NZ Team Assistant Coach World Champs Mar Del Plata Argentina. New Zealand placed 2nd.
  • 2009 Inducted into the New Zealand Martial Arts Hall of Fame.
  • 2010 NZ Team Head Coach ITF 2nd Asian champs Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. New Zealand team placed 1st.
  • 2011 NZ Team Head Coach ITF World Champs Wellington NZ. New Zealand placed 1st.
  • 2011 Presented with the Prime Ministers Coaching Scholarship.
  • 2011 Nominated for the Halberg Coach of the Year Award. New Zealand’s highest sporting award.
  • 2012 NZ Team Head Coach ITF World Cup Brighton England.
    New Zealand placed 2nd.
    This result was achieved with 54 competitors who won 45 medals, compared to the winner Ireland who won 73 medals with a squad of 142 competitors.