matt ransom

Inducted into the A.M.A.H.O.F.(Inc) for 2012
Instructor of the Year – Taekwondo New Zealand

 Inducted into the W.K.U.H.O.F. for 2012
Instructor of the Year – Taekwondo New Zealand

 To provide information and highlights of my contribution to New Zealand Martial Arts and WTF style Taekwondo. I would like to outline for you, my dedication, achievements and future aspirations for Martial Arts and Taekwondo in New Zealand.

My first experience in the martial arts and Taekwondo was training in the ITF style of Taekwondo at the age of 10 under Master Norman Ng in Levin in 1975 for one year. I later resumed my training as a teenager in WTF style Taekwondo in 1981 when my family moved to Dunedin.

I have continuously up skilled over the years to ensure I have the knowledge and experience to pass on to students and fellow peers. I have been a successful instructor in both the traditional and sport aspects of Taekwondo. I have had the opportunity to be part of student children and teenagers growing into fine respectful adults, who through regular tuition have contributed to society in a positive way.

I have successfully coached and run seminars on a National and International level and have developed many students into New Zealand National Champions over the years, including students who have gone on to represent New Zealand at very prestigious international tournaments, such as the World Championships, Oceania Championships, Commonwealth Championships, Asian Games and Olympic games.

Since 1983, I have organised local, regional, national and international tournaments and seminars throughout New Zealand and included other organisations and styles. I will continue to be part of the development of Taekwondo in New Zealand and will ensure people experience the true spirit and benefits of Taekwondo and the Martial Arts.

Taekwondo qualifications:

YEAR 1984

Graded to 1st Dan Black Belt, NZ Taekwondo Federation

Kukkiwon Certificate Number 05024438 (See note below)

Examiner: Lee Jung Nam

YEAR 1987

Graded to 2nd Dan Black Belt, New Zealand Taekwondo Federation

Examiner: Lee Jung Nam

YEAR 1991

Graded to 3rd Dan Black Belt, New Zealand Taekwondo Federation

Examiner: Lee Jung Nam

YEAR 1995

Graded to 4th Dan Black Belt, Taekwondo Union of New Zealand

Examiner: Park Hae Man

YEAR 1999

Graded to 5th Dan Black Belt, Taekwondo Union of New Zealand

Examiner: Mike Hannah & Jeff Lockhart

YEAR 2009

Graded to 6th Dan Black Belt, Taekwondo New Zealand Inc

Examiner: Kukkiwon Examination Panel, headed by Oh Seong Hoon and   Kim Tae Kyung

Note: The Kukkiwon is the international body for issuing WTF style Black Belt certificates. The Kukkiwon Certificate Number is permanently allocated to the recipient from their First Dan grading through to their current Dan grade and does not change.

Other qualifications:

YEAR 1992   Obtained Level One Coaching New Zealand Certificate

YEAR 1997   Obtained T.U.N.Z Referee Certificate

YEAR 1997   Obtained Kiwi Coach Certificate

Key positions held & awards:

Elected PRESIDENT of the Taekwondo Union of New Zealand 2004 – 2010

Elected SECRETARY GENERAL for Taekwondo New Zealand Inc. 2005 – Present

Elected TREASURER of the WTF Oceania Taekwondo Union Inc. 2005 –  Present

Recipient of a ‘Century of Achievement in New Zealand Martial Arts Award’ in 2000 by Fight Times magazine along with 19 other New Zealand recipients.

2006, presented with a special ‘Kukkiwon Diploma’ from the World Kukkiwon Headquarters in South Korea for outstanding services to the development of Taekwondo culture in New Zealand.

2007, the World Taekwondo Federation awarded a Citation for outstanding contribution to WTF Taekwondo.

2008, awarded a second special ‘Kukkiwon Diploma’ from the World Kukkiwon Headquarters during the Oceania Championships for outstanding services in the Oceania region to the development of Taekwondo.

2009, inducted into the New Zealand Martial Arts Hall of Fame

2011, presented with a second Citation from the World Taekwondo Federation     in Seoul Korea by the WTF Secretary General for ongoing services to the development of WTF & Olympic Taekwondo.


1982-1997:  Instructor Dunedin City Taekwondo Club

1997-Present: Master Instructor and founder of Auckland Taekwondo

1997- 2000: TUNZ National Team Coach

1994-Present:  Longest serving management committee member of the Taekwondo Union of New Zealand (TUNZ). Positions held: –

1994-1997: TUNZ – Otago Regional Delegate

1997-2000: TUNZ – Auckland Regional Delegate

2000-2004: TUNZ – Chief Instructor

2004-2010: TUNZ President

2010 – Present: TUNZ Executive Council Member

2005 – Present: Secretary General, Taekwondo New Zealand

2005 – Present: Treasurer, WTF Oceania Taekwondo Union


Contribution highlights:

JANUARY 2005 – AUGUST 2005

Acting General Secretary – New Zealand Taekwondo Federation. To assist this organisation with administration support and organise 2005 New Zealand World Championship Selections and NZTF National Championships.

JANUARY 2005 – AUGUST 2005

Assisted bringing together WTF style clubs and organisations throughout New Zealand to unify the sport and form a unification steering committee and   National Governing body in order to receive New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) and World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) recognition.

APRIL 2005

Organised the ‘first’ unified WTF style New Zealand National Team in 12 years to compete at the World Taekwondo Championships in Spain 2005. Was actively    involved in all aspects from arranging the selection tournament, selecting the national team, organising travel and management for the team to Spain and    liaised with three New Zealand WTF style organisations to achieve this for the country.

Selected to attend and perform duties as ‘Head of New Zealand Team’ for the Taekwondo World Championships held in Spain 2005.

Appointed by the NZOC to attend the 17th WTF General Assembly in Spain during the World Championships and became the first New Zealander to attend this meeting as a delegate.

JULY 2005

Appointed by the NZOC to attend as a founding executive member of the World Taekwondo Federation’s Oceania Taekwondo Union in Sydney Australia and becoming the first New Zealander to become a WTF Oceania Regional delegate.

OCTOBER 2005 – Present

Founding member of Taekwondo New Zealand Inc. – Secretary General.

Taekwondo New Zealand Inc, is the national governing body for WTF &   Olympic Taekwondo in New Zealand and is recognised by the New Zealand Olympic Committee, SPARC, World Taekwondo Federation and Kukkiwon.