Inducted into the A.M.A.H.O.F.(Inc) for 2011
Martial Artist of the Year – Zen Do Kai Karate

Inducted into the W.K.U.H.O.F. for 2011
Martial Artist of the Year – Zen Do Kai Karate

Justin Boylan is Western Australia’s most senior Bob Jones Martial Arts (BJMA) martial artist. He is the co-owner of Total Martial Arts Centre and provides a wealth of knowledge and experience to all who train with him. Kyoshi Justin started training in February 1980 and was named Zen Do Kai Black Belt of the Year in 1983. He was awarded the title Zen Do Kai Instructor of the Year in 1986.

Kyoshi Justin has played a pivotal role in the growth and development of Zen Do Kai (ZDK) martial arts in the State and leads a group of independently owned Bob Jones Martial Arts academies. Each of these academies teaches a variety of practical and freestyle martial arts systems.

Kyoshi Justin has been instrumental in the advocacy of community service and benevolence for all martial artists within the system. As such, WA Bob Jones Martial Arts Centres have:

  • Sponsored World Vision children since 1987
  • Raised more than $14,500 for Channel 7s Annual Telethon Appeal
  • Regularly raised funds for Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation with a minimum of four fundraising events each year – $16,000 raised thus far.
  • Raised more than $7,500 for Guide Dogs for the Blind
  • Proudly support the Fr Brian Christmas Appeal with the donation of food and gifts to the less advantaged each Christmas.

In addition, Justin is a founding and current director of Justice WA. (

“One of my proudest achievements has been the many thousands of dollars that we have raised to help a number of Perth charities. If you are healthy enough to do martial arts, it is a great blessing. To help those less fortunate than yourself is a meaningful way to express your gratitude for your good fortune,” Kyoshi Justin said.

Kyoshi Justin has trained in and taught a variety of martial systems and continues to be an active participant, motivational leader and expert tutor. His teaching philosophy is: Training for strength together.

Summary of Achievements

7th Dan Black Belt in Zen Do Kai Freestyle Karate, 7th Degree instructor in BJC Muay Thai, 4th Dan Black Belt Shoot Wrestling, 1st Dan Black Belt in Kombatan Arnis, Purple Belt (Instructor Rank) in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, 1990 State Champion Freestyle Wrestling, 1990 National Medallist Freestyle Wrestling, World Champion – Gold Medallist at the 2007 Seniors and Masters Internationals held in Brazil, World Champion Coach – Coach of Grayson West Gold Medallist at the 2005 Seniors and Masters Internationals held in Brazil, President of the Western Australian Kick Boxing Association, State representative of the World Kick Boxing Association, Founding President of the Federation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Western Australia, State Manager Bob Jones Martial Arts 1992 to present.

Kyoshi Justin was also a joint representative for the Security Institute (WA). The security institute provided specialised education and training programs for the security industry in Western Australia. This included the provision of courses for crowd control, security officers and bodyguards. The Security Institute ceased operations in 2010. Kyoshi Justin is a police approved firearms, baton and handcuffs instructor.

Kyoshi Justin has provided security services to visiting dignitaries such as Al Gore, Bob Dylan, Pink, Julian Lennon, and Erin Brokovich to name a few and is a personal trainer to many leading sporting personalities including Justin Langer (Australian Test Cricket Star) and formerly to Chris Mainwaring (AFL Star).


  • High School: Completed TAE in 1978.
  • Tertiary: Completed a Diploma of Business Administration from the
  • Perth Technical College in 1988.
  • Other: Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • Spontaneous Knife Defense Instructor
  • Dynamic Simulation Instructor
  • Certificate II in Security (Guarding)
  • Certificate III in Investigative Services
  • Certificate III in Security (Guarding)
  • Certificate IV in Operational Safety Training
  • Firearms Training
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessing


I worked as an administrative officer in the WA Public Service for 16 years before leaving to become a full time martial artist.


I have been involved in providing a wide range of security services over a 30 year period. A summary of the security services I have provided is detailed below.


I have performed the function of doorman and head doorman at a number of suburban hotels and taverns. I supervised security teams of up to six people at a time.


I have performed the function of doorman and head doorman at a number of inner city nightclubs. I supervised security teams of up to ten people at a time.


I have worked at a variety of indoor and outdoor concerts providing a wide range of security services including crowd control, stage security, and back stage security and dressing room security. I have been responsible for supervising up to four teams of five crowd controllers at outdoor concerts with crowd attendance of over fifteen thousand fans.


I have provided personal security for a number of media and rock stars at public appearances, record store signings and I have organized the collection of stars to and from the airport where large numbers of fans have been in attendance. I have worked for former Vice President of the USA Al Gore, Bob Dylan, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, Pink, Julian Lennon, Oasis, Cold Chisel, Jimmy Barnes, Harry Connick Junior, Human Nature and Rove McManus to name a few.


I have owned and operated a registered training organization in Western Australia for 14 years. We were certified to provide training courses for the Certificate II course in Security Operations and the units of Certificate III required for the carrying of firearms, batons and handcuffs. I have also conducted defensive tactics training and firearm safety training for the RSPCA. This experience has given me an excellent knowledge of the law as it applies to the use of force.


I have over 30 years experience in the Martial Arts and have coached and competed successfully at local, state, national and international competitions. I own and operate a full time martial arts centre in Perth. I am the State President for the World Kick Boxing Association and the State President for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation in Western Australia. I am the State Manager for Bob Jones Martial Arts and have held the position since 1992.


I owned and operated a nightclub for six years. I handled all aspects of security, entertainment, stock control and promotion for this venue. I was the holder of the Liquor License and the approved manager for the venue. This has given me an excellent knowledge of the Liquor Licensing laws as they apply in Western Australia.

Grades History

Style: Zen Do Kai Freestyle

Rank              Date               Certificate Number             Examiner/Authority

Sho Dan Ho 28.06.1981                n/a                              Rod Stroud

Sho Dan        25.10.1981                n/a                              Rod Stroud

Ni Dan           23.01.1982                n/a                              Rod Stroud

San Dan        22.10.1982                n/a                              Rod Stroud

Yon Dan        28.01.1986                n/a                              Rod Stroud/Bob Jones

Go Dan          13.01.1988                n/a                              Rod Stroud/Bob Jones

Roku Dan      04.10.1992                n/a                              Bob Jones

Shichi Dan    25.10.2008                WA0142                     Bob Jones


Style: BJC Muay Thai

Rank              Date               Certificate Number             Examiner/Authority

1st Degree     25.10.1981                n/a                              Rod Stroud

2nd Degree   23.01.1982                n/a                              Rod Stroud

3rd Degree    22.10.1982                n/a                              Rod Stroud

4th Degree    28.01.1986                n/a                              Rod Stroud

5th Degree    13.01.1988                n/a                              Rod Stroud

6th Degree    04.10.1992                n/a                              Bob Jones

7th Degree    25.10.2008                10474                         Bob Jones

Style: Komatan Arnis

Rank              Date               Certificate Number             Examiner/Authority

1st Dan          29.04.2006                n/a                              Ernesto A Presas Snr

Style: BJC Shoot Wrestling

Rank              Date               Certificate Number             Examiner/Authority

1st Dan          03.06.1989                n/a                              Rod Stroud/Habby Heske

2nd Dan        09.07.1991                n/a                              Rod Stroud/Habby Heske

3rd Dan          11.09.1994                n/a                              Rod Stroud/Habby Heske

4th Dan          06.12.1998                n/a                              Rod Stroud/Habby Heske


Style: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Rank              Date               Certificate Number             Examiner/Authority

White              1992                           n/a

Blue                1998                           n/a                              John Donehue

Purple            11.12. 2004               n/a                              John Donehue

World Champion Coach:

2005 Coached Grayson West to Gold medal at BJJ Seniors and Masters International held in Rio De Janeiro

World Champion:

2007 Gold medallist at BJJ Seniors and Masters International held in Rio De Janeiro


Style: Wrestling

Gold Medallist 1990 WA State Championships 100kg Division

Bronze Medallist 1990 Australian Championships 100kg Division


Style: Ken Jutsu

Rank              Date               Certificate Number             Examiner/Authority

6th Kyu          28.10.2009                n/a                              Peter James

5th Kyu          28.06.2010                n/a                              Peter James


Style: Seitei Iaido

Rank              Date               Certificate Number             Examiner/Authority

5th Kyu          25.01.2010                n/a                              Ramon Lawrence

4th Kyu          04.07.2010                n/a                              Ramon Lawrence