angelina cardenInducted into the A.M.A.H.O.F.(Inc) for 2011:
Instructor of the Year – Seishin Ryu Karate

Inducted into theW.K.U.H.O.F. for 2011
Instructor of the Year – Seishin Ryu Karate


Sensei Angelina Cardin recently qualified 5th dan. She has been training since she was six years old and started in 1975. She has had some time away over the years however in total she has been training for 31years.

Angelina has won many kata and kumite competitions over the years, but her joy is helping others to improve themselves both on the dojo floor and also their personal lives. She has continued training in support of her father (Kyoshi Chris Dessa) and knowing they are making a difference in their society.

Angelina has had the pleasure of training with many top instructors from around the world. Her greatest pleasure over the years has been in developing and training children.

Angelina has been involved with martial arts for many many years. She has a black belt in three different styles of karate. The daughter of Kyoshi Chris Dessa she started learning martial arts at a very young age. There is much to learn from Sensei Angie. If you have an opportunity to train with her you cannot fail to learn something valuable.

A teacher of the children’s class for many years, she now has her hands full with her husband (Shihan Aaron), their children and a very time consuming job. It’s a wonder she has time to train at all! The students are grateful to see and learn from her as much as possible.

Sensei Angie was inducted into the New Zealand Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2009. She is also the events co-ordinator for her style.