Inducted into A.M.A.H.O.F.(Inc) and W.K.U.H.O.F. in 2010

Budoka of the Year – United Taekwondo


Chief Instructor Lachlan Cooper started Taekwondo training in Dubbo in 1989 in Rhee Taekwondo under Instructor Kim McRae

In 1991 he moved to Canberra where his training continued. He initially trained with instructor Jim Vasakos moving to Instructor Brett Canning, in 1993, and he has been a loyal student ever since.

In 1997 at the age of 15 Lachlan was promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt. In 1999 he was promoted to instructor.

In 2000 Instructor Lachlan joined the Australian Army and spent 4 years posted to 3RAR, Australia’s only parachute regiment. During this time Instructor Lachlan completed an operational tour of duty of East Timor as the Timorese were gaining their independence. Whilst in the Army he completed the un-armed combat course and was recognised for his skill and ability and recommended for instructor in this area.

Upon his return to Sydney he was looking for another Taekwondo school to continue his training and in 2004 he met Master Paul Mitchell and, while still with 3RAR, began training with Master Paul Mitchell.

When he left the army in 2004 and returned to Canberra, Instructor Lachlan opened a dojang in the suburb of Mawson with Instructor Peter Dunlop. This was an immediate success. In 2005 he was promoted to Branch Instructor. Carrying on from the success of the Mawson dojang he opened a further dojang in the suburb of Duffy in 2006.

In 2006 Instructor Lachlan also started doing school programs. He completed the Australian Institute of Sports’ Community Coaching Course, through the Australian Sports Commission, and helped many school students gain more confidence whilst being active. It has always been a passion of his to spread the word about the benefits of all martial arts training and an active healthy lifestyle.

October of 2007 saw Instructor Lachlan, along with Instructors Brett Canning and Peter Dunlop join Master Paul Mitchell to form the region of Southern Taekwondo.

In December of 2007 Instructor Lachlan was promoted to 2nd Dan.

In February of 2008 he moved with Lauren Bartosh; his wife, and a 1st Degree Black Belt; to Wagga Wagga for work and to expand the art of United Taekwondo. His first dojang opened in February 2008 with 15 students in attendance. From there the Riverina region has grown to three schools, training 5 nights a week with over 70 students.
2008 also saw Instructor Lachlan start active after schools programs in the Riverina. The kid’s, teachers and parents loved all the training that was done. The kids loved it because they got to learn something new and they all love to kick and punch the bags and were allowed to shout “kiai” as loud as they could whilst doing so. The parents and teachers loved it for the fact that all the students were being active, learning, getting self discipline and learning how to treat each other with respect and didn’t know that they were doing that because they were having so much fun.

With the success of the schools programs in 2008 and bullying being such an issue in today’s society, instructor Lachlan decided to offer the anti bullying programs that Master Paul Mitchell has offered in Sydney with many schools taking him up on the offer for 2009.

In 2008 Lachlan was promoted to Chief Instructor of the Riverina.

At the start of 2009 Lachlan started training in Aikido Yuishinkai. He felt he needed to expand his knowledge to more than Taekwondo and has found that Aikido training has also influenced the way he teaches his Taekwondo classes. He thinks all martial artists should experience other martial arts not just their own styles as we all have something to offer each other.
2009 also saw Lachlan promoted to 3rd degree instructor.

In 2009 Chief Instructor Lachlan ran what will hopefully be the first of many training camps in Wagga Wagga with students in attendance from the Riverina, Canberra and Sydney. With close to 100 students attending, it was a huge success with many activities including United Taekwondo training, Aikido Yuishinkai for the black belts, High ropes course and low ropes course for confidence, Archery, Rock climbing and team building exercises and many more.

As well as being a carpenter Chief Instructor Lachlan now works in law enforcement as a correctional officer.



Began training in Dubbo under Instructor Kim McRae

1991 Moved to Canberra training under Jim Vasakos
1994 Began training under Instructor Brett canning
1997 Promoted to 15st degree black belt
1999 Promoted to Instructor

Televised demonstration at Canberra cannons basketball game

2000 Joined Australian Army
2001 Posted to 3RAR [PARA]
2002 Completed unarmed combat course Australian army recommended for Instructor.

Completed operational tour of duty in East Timor

2004 Began training under Instructor Paul Mitchell

Discharge from Australian Army

Moved back to Canberra Promoted to Branch Instructor

2005 Opened Dojang in Mawson Canberra
2006 AASC program course at Australian institute of sport

Began AASC programs in Canberra

Opened dojang in Duffy Canberra

2007 Joined Southern Taekwondo under Master Paul Mitchell

Promoted 2nd degree branch Instructor

2008 Moved to Wagga Wagga

Opened dojang in Korringal Wagga Wagga

Continued AASC programs in Wagga Wagga

Nov opened dogang in Wagga Wagga CBD

Started anti bulling programs in Wagga Wagga

Promoted to Chief Instructor

2009 Started studying Aikido Yuishinkai under Jonathan Temporal Sensei

Feb opened dojang in Forrest hill Wagga Wagga

Promoted to 3rd degree