Inducted into A.M.A.H.O.F.(Inc) and W.K.U.H.O.F. in 2010

Instructor of the Year – Iaido


Date of Birth:                         10 December 1952
Place of Birth:                        Masterton, New Zealand

Jeri has attended every Iaido Australian National Championship since 1996. He has travelled extensively to Japan to further his training and deepen his understanding of Iaido, Tamiya Ryu and Jodo. The knowledge gained in this way is used to continue to develop his own teaching role in the Budokan Academy under Sensei Ramon Lawrence. Jeri helps coach a weekly class at Budokan Academy, and supports the Tuart Hill club on a regular basis. He has taken responsibility for supporting rural and regional clubs in the Southwest of Western Australia over several weekends a year in Margaret River, Busselton, Dunsborough and Manjimup.

Jeri has been a member of the AMAHOF Executive Committee, serving as Event Co-ordinator for a number of years.

He was a member of the Iaido team for Western Australia winning several National events.

Jeri is a warehouse/Logistics Manager for an Australia wide Packaging Company based in Perth working with a team of 20 people across 4 divisions, where his commitment in Iaido training, learning and teaching helps him on a daily basis. Jeri also finds the disciplines of this Martial Art, it’s history and culture helps in his private life.

In the Budokan Academy, the club saying is, “If the student is not better than the coach/teacher was at the same level, the coach isn’t getting their coaching right.”

Kyokushinkai in a local club on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Unable to continue as the club closed down within two months due to an interstate move by the instructor.
1975-1976 Moved to Brisbane and joined Zen Do Kai club, Wollangabba, studying under Sensei Philip Hughes and Sensei Tony Quinn. Trained under Sensei Malcolm Anderson at the main Hambo attaining Brown belt with Black Tips. During this time Jeri discovered books about Japanese Samurai who used long swords and long bows. This discovery led to his interest in Iaido (Japanese Swordsmanship). There was little information regarding this Martial Art to be found in Brisbane at that time.
1988 Relocation to Perth, Western Australia
1995 After seeing an ABC television program about the Samurai of old Japan Jeri’s interest in Iaido was rekindled and he looked for a school in Perth. Two schools were teaching Iaido. Jeri chose Budokan Academy in Canning Vale under the leadership of Sensei Ramon Lawrence. Budokan offered Iaido, Jodo and Kendo three days a week. After trying all three forms, Iaido came to the fore, followed by Jodo.
1996 Under Sensei Ramon Lawrence Jeri attended the Australian National Championships and Seminar at La Salle College, Bankstown, NSW. These championships were attended and run by Sensei Kadona, Grandmaster of Suio- Ryu, 7th Dan Zen Ken Ren Iaido and Technical Advisor to the Australian Iaido Board. Jeri continued to train.
1998- Perth Iaido: Shodan Grading Australian National Championships
1999- Perth Iaido: Nidan Grading Australian National Championships
2001 Australian National Championships -Perth
Iaido: Sandan Grading under new Technical Board;
Odi Sensei 8th Dan Hanshi, Zen Ken Ren Iaido;
Nagayami Sensei 7th Dan Kyoshi, Zen Ken Ren Iaido;
2002 Australian National Championships – Hobart Seitei Jodo: Shodan Grading
2003 Australian National Championships- Gold Coast Seitei Jodo: Nidan Grading
2004 Australian National Championships – Melbourne
Iaido: Yondan Grading (4th Dan)
Tamiya Ryu Iaijutsu: Shodan Grading- Japan
Tamiya Ryu is one of the oldest Japanese forms dating back to 1573
2008 Australian National Championships – Gold Coast Iaido: Godan Grading (5th Dan)
2009 Australian National Championships- Canberra