randall jones

Inducted into the A.M.A.H.O.F.(Inc) for 2009
Budoka of the Year – United Taekwondo

Inducted into the W.K.U.H.O.F. for 2009
Budoka of the Year – United Taekwondo


Started Rhee Taekwondo in Broken Hill NSW.
Graduated to 1st Degree Black Belt and began my preparation to become an Instructor.
(January) Moved to Singleton NSW and assisted the Branch Instructor.
(March) Promoted to Branch Instructor, Singleton.
(October) Opened additional centre at Muswellbrook.
(December) Prepared and appointed two black belts as new Instructors for Singleton branch under Rhee Taekwondo.
Graduated to 2nd Degree Regional Instructor for the Upper Hunter area.
Opened another new centre at Denman NSW.
Merged Denman centre with Muswellbrook centre enabling Muswellbrook to have both adult and children’s classes.
Developed a good friendship with Regional Instructor Paul Mitchell from Rhee Taekwondo Sydney.
2003 (ongoing)
School Sport at Muswellbrook High School, St Josephs Primary School Muswellbrook, Scone High School and Scone Grammar School.
Due to differences of opinion, I felt it was time to leave Rhee Taekwondo. I contacted Chief Instructor Paul Mitchell and decided to align Muswellbrook centre with Sydney Taekwondo under the new business name of Northern Taekwondo with 23 members.
Conducted first Grading for the Upper Hunter area. The Singleton Branch Instructor decided to attend and chose to amalgamate with Northern Taekwondo.
(December) Being the Senior Instructor of Northern Taekwondo I was invited to witness the promotion of Chief Instructor Paul Mitchell to Master Instructor Sydney Taekwondo.
Joined the PCYC Committee and became a consultant for fund raising and for additional activities for the community. The new activity was Junior Taekwondo ages 4-6 years.
(March) Graduated to 3rd degree Chief Instructor of the Hunter Region after 18 years on 2nd degree. On the same night my wife, Julie is graded to 2nd Degree Instructor after 20 years on 1st degree.
(March) Opened new centre at Tamworth NSW.
Taught Self defence techniques to staff at Denman Nursing home, and Muswellbrook Women’s shelter.
Began teaching children between the ages of 5-12 years in the Active After School Program for the Australian Sports Commission.
(October) Opened new centre at Manilla NSW.
Muswellbrook Australia Day Sporting theme is decided on NSW wide. Muswellbrook Shire council invites Muswellbrook class to display Taekwondo. Sparring, patterns & board breaking techniques are displayed. The Muswellbrook Shire Council is delighted with the display and donated kick pads to the club and Commemorative Certificates of appreciation to each of the 30 students that participated.
(April) With approximately 20 clubs under the banner of United Taekwondo but still with our 3 different identities (Sydney, Northern & Southern Taekwondo) I discussed the merits with Master Paul Mitchell of changing everyone to United Taekwondo. All Instructors agreed with the change to unite our association.
(June) Opened new centre at Scone NSW.
Became the President of the PCYC Consultation Committee that focuses on fund raising and new community activities.
(October) Opened new centre at Gunnedah NSW.
United Taekwondo now boasts more than 200 members in the Upper Hunter area.