seisuke kawakudoInducted into the A.M.A.H.O.F.(Inc) for 2008
Martial Artist of the Year Kodokan Judo

Inducted into the W.K.U.H.O.F. for 2008
Martial Artist of the Year  Kodokan Judo

Seisuke Kawakubo was born in Japan on 11th August 1938. He has been a Professor of Fukuoka University, Fukuoka Economics University and Fukuoka Welfare University on the Island of Kyushu, Japan, teaching the philosophy of the International Business World, Social Linguistics & Cross Cultural Communication and also Judo and Bushido.

In March 2004 he resigned from the above mentioned post for the purpose of coaching Judo in Mexico, USA, and Costa Rica as a volunteer activity.

Academic background:

March 1963 Graduated from Kita-Kyushu University
April 1975 Teacher Ambassador in U.S.A. as a representative from the Board
Of Education in Japan
July 1976 Completion of researching ‘The value of education in Amish society in U.S.A’
July 1993 Australian Studies at the institute of the University of New South Wales
August 1996 Completion of researching ‘Social background of Cambridge and Oxford University’ in 13th century

Judo qualification:

April 1995 7th degree black belt (7th dan) Kodokan registered number 68
A director of All Japan University Judo Federation
August 2003 An instructor of the All Japan University Judo Federation Seminar
July 1975 to August 1976 The assistant coach of the US Olympic Judo Team


November 1960 Second place at the all Kyushu university championship
February 1998 First place at all Kyushu high-rank holder kata-competion
June 2003 Bronze Medal Winner (M7 60-64 years) at The 5th World Masters Judo Championship in Tokyo.
June 2005 Silver Medal Winner at the 7th World Masters Judo Championships in Canada
June 2006 Silver Medal Winner (M8 65-69 years) World Masters judo Championship in France
June 2007 Bronze Medal Winner(M8 65-69 years) World Masters Judo Championship in Brazil