alex altInducted into the A.M.A.H.O.F.(Inc) for 2008
Martial Artist of the Year – Goju Karate

Inducted into the W.K.U.H.O.F. for 2008
Martial Artist of the Year – Goju Karate

Alex Alt was born in Melbourne, Australia, on 13th July, 1960 and is married with two children and currently living in Nerang, Queensland. He attained the level of 5th. Dan black belt Master Instructor – Shihan rank Goju Karate in 2005. His interests are Martial Arts, World Rally Racing and Football.

It has been stated that only the most dedicated and tenacious of students will reach the rank of 1st Dan, Shodan, the initiation, or the very first level of the Black Belt ranking system.

Only a handful of those will then go on to obtain the rank of 3rd Dan, even fewer will gain 4th Dan Jokyo THEN Sensei and then Renshi, however it is from the 4th Dan level of achievement that the few dedicated karate-ka who will eventually gain Master status are chosen. Within this ranking system is embedded a hierarchical level of seniority regarding Shihan status. The highest of these is Hanshi usually awarded at 8th 9th or 10th Dan and only to the very most senior members both in age and experience, of the Association or Dojo.

Renshi and Shihan is the first level within the Shihan ranking system and can be awarded at 5th Dan.

Karate-ka who practice for approximately 12-15 years under the direction of a Shihan, Master Instructor, can reach the rank of 3rd Dan-Sandan.

This ranking leads to the qualification of Shidoin, Assistant Instructor.

Fourth Dan-Jokyo, Fifth Dan, then Shihan and above are ranks awarded to very few individuals. Usually, recipients of such grade levels have devoted the majority of their life time to the study of Budo in various forms, and have made outstanding contributions to the chosen art concerned.

Alex Alt has produced 200+ Black Belts in Victoria, some of these students have represented himself and Karate organisations in local, state, national and international competition. Some of these Black Belts have also become instructors, opening schools , under his direction and consultancy with strict guidelines.

Sporting History and Profile

1987 to Current:

Ceberano Sporting Industries, Martial Arts Schools Development Officer, Personal Trainer / Karate Instructor

2000 to Current:

Personal Training – Home and out calls

1999 to 2002

Re-Located to Queensland to establish Tai-bo -Martial aerobics. Teaching and assessing Tai-Bo instructors and Creating Tai-Bo centres on the Gold Coast


Attained the level of 5th. Dan black belt, Master Instructor – Shihan rank Diado Jukyu Karate

1990 to 1999

Alexander Alt’s Karate Studio, Chief Instructor & Personal Trainer

1989 to 1999

St.Kilda IGK School Chief Instructor

1995 to 1996

South East Melbourne Magic Pre & Mid season Fitness coach and Team flexibility Coach

1994 to 1999
Train and Assess in Flexibility, Self Defence, Fighting Skills and First Aid

    • State high Schools teaching years 10 to 12
    • Private business clientele
    • Private schools -year 7 to 12
    • Team building of business clients in circuit training
    • Women’s groups
    • Senior & Elderly groups
  • Flexibility training for State & local squads in Cricket, Basketball, football

Attained fourth Dan Renshi Rank Master Level


Achieved accreditation in Boxercise and White Collar Boxing.

    • Refereeing at State and National level for the I.G.K.
    • Selected to coach Australian Maccabiah Karate team to tour Israel or option to compete in four events.
  • Accepted competitor status. and co-coaching appointment
1992 to 1996

Returned to Kata National Championships competition

Competed at national level, achieving runner-up every year

1990 to 1995

Refereed at all levels of competitions.

    • Coached National and World Karate Champions.
    • International Goju Karate Championships Competitor in Kata – Forms, Kumite – Fighting
    • Competed in the Kubota World Championships in Brisbane
  • Coached Australian team at World Championships
1990 to1993

Maccabiah President Victoria for Martial Arts.

    • Organised Australian team to tour Israel
    • Counsel and advise competitors, students and trainers for maximum positive psychological performance / advantage
    • Select squads and teams for competition
    • Train and select Australian team
    • Communicate and train all competitors including separate groups of children, women, men, mixed elderly groups
    • Become qualified referee and Work as official
  • Liaise with other officials and Coaching staff on International level
July 1987

Represented Australia at the first World Goju Kai tournament

    • 1st Championships out side of Japan, Eleven countries
    • Competed in fighting and forms
  • Placed runner-up in both divisions to the Japanese National and World Champions in both respective divisions
1989 to 1999

Opened full time karate school in St. Kilda-Melbourne

    • 1989 Achieved 3rd. Dan Instructor Status
  • Coached Victorian Kata and Kumite champions.-IGK
1985 to 1987

Returned to Canberra as part of apprenticeship

Continue building and re-establishing schools

    • New South Wales coast, Merrimbula, Pambula, Eden ,Bega.
    • In a short time, these schools had attracted over 200 karate students.
    • Returned to Melbourne after successfully re-establishing schools in the A.C.T. and N.S.W. south coast
    • 370 students, including 15 Black Belts
  • Returned to Melbourne on the request of International Chief Instructor to help rebuild the attendance of the National Headquarters in North Balwyn
May to July 1985

Represented the USA on the Atlanta team

    • Coached by Sensei Chuck Merriman
    • Tour of South Africa
    • Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Pretoria
    • Competed in forms and fighting and Awarded four gold Kumite-fighting
  • Four silver medals in Kata -Forms

Continued to compete Australian Capital Territory Champion in Fighting and Forms

1984 to 1986

Successfully established school in Canberra

1984 to 1989

Apprentice Karate Instructor

  • Completed instructor internship at the National/International Headquarters under the direction of Ceberano Shihan 7th Dan Black Belt Kiyoshi.
1983 June

Represented Goju Kai Australia in Japan.

    • Competed at international level at the Goju World Championships
    • Placed within the top 20 competitors out of 5000 Black belt entrants.
    • Australian Team member
    • Compete against the Japan National Collegiate Team in point fighting competition
  • Competition took place in a closed door meet, where only high ranked masters were allowed to witness the proceedings, lowest grade level in attendance was 7th. Dan

Achieved Black Belt.

Graded by Grading panel lead by Shihan Tino Ceberano


Commenced instructor training with Master of Teaching Shihan Tino Ceberano


Commenced Martial arts training in St. Kilda with first Sensei Louigi Spissiri.