Inducted into the A.M.A.H.O.F.(Inc) for 2007
Instructor of the Year – Huang Sou Do

Inducted into the W.K.U.H.O.F. for 2007
Instructor of the Year – Huang Sou Do

 Sifu Shane Burton started his Martial Arts training in 1973 in Tasmania with the co-founder of San Chi Kai Mr. Stewart Lomax. In 1975 he moved to Melbourne and trained under Sensei Malcolm Lomax full time where he achieved the rank of Shodan in San Chi Kai.

In 1976 he and Mr. Malcolm Lomax moved to Hong Kong and trained under Sifu Wong Kim Fung in Machung Lama Kung Fu, one of the three major schools of White Crane Kung Fu.
The style known today for its heavy concentration on fighting originates from the Ching Dynasty with its main principles:

  1. Chan – This is a concept advocating total ruthlessness of attack. The practitioner commits to total full power attacks without wavering.
  2. Sim – This is the principle of evasion – the practitioner avoids his opponent by drawing on his skillful footwork.
  3. Cheung – The idea is to penetrate, a principle of total aggression to penetrate your opponents guard and strike with full force.
  4. Jit – The theory of interception. It can be hard or soft taking advantage of your opponents lack of commitment or readiness.

He studied the Bear and Crane styles and also the famed Sie Jee How (the Lions Roar) under the guidance of Grand Master Lo Wei-Chiang. He was inducted into the ranks of Lama Kung Fu. During this time Shane was invited by Secrets of Kung Fu magazine to appear in an article with Mr. Malcolm Lomax on Lama Kung Fu. He also appeared in the magazine demonstrating his Nunchaku skills.

Whilst training in Hong Kong Shane was enlisted by the Hong Kong Riot Police to demonstrate self defence and fighting skills.

In 1979 he moved back to Australia with his Chinese wife and founded his own training centre (Huang Sou Do) combining the skills and discipline of Karate with the lethal moves of Lama.
Shane became a founding member of the Tasmanian Martial Arts Council and promoted various tournaments and competitions. His students dominated the State Martial Arts tournaments winning numerous titles.

He continued to return to Hong Kong regularly training with Master Wong Kim Feng to perfect his Lama technique.

Shane instructed for many years at the Hobart Naval Base HMAS Huon teaching many of the sailors stationed there and also taught members of the Tasmanian Police Special Operations Group.

Various sporting organisations have sort him out to help with their speed and flexibility training including the former NBL basketball club The Tassie Devils.

He did volunteer work for the Glenorchy City Council drop in centre instructing underprivileged street kids on the benefits of Martial Arts.

Currently after 33 years involved in Martial Arts he is instructing at the Police & Community Youth Club in Bellerive, Tasmania, concentrating on the forms of the White Crane and passing these ancient techniques on to his students.

Shane thanks Mr. Malcolm Lomax whose dedication to the Martial Arts has been an inspiration to him over many years and has encouraged him to achieve his goals.

Grading History

1973 Joined San Chi Kai, Tasmania
1975 Shodan Ho, San Chi Kai, Melbourne
Graded by Mr. Malcolm Lomax
1976 Inducted into Lama Kung Fu Federation
Graded by Sifu Wong Kim Feng
1977 Shodan, San Chi Kai, Melbourne
Graded by Mr. Malcolm Lomax
1986 Sifu, Machung Lama Pie, Hong Kong
Graded by Grand Master Lo Wei-Chiang
2006 Founder and current Head Instructor of Huang Sou Do Australia.