Inducted into the A.M.A.H.O.F.(Inc) for 2007
Instructor of the Year – Judo (Victoria)

Inducted into the W.K.U.H.O.F. for 2007
Instructor of the Year – Judo (Victoria – Australia)


Bob began judo in 1951 at the Melbourne YMCA under the late Jack Cox. Along with his brother Kevin, John Watkins, Frank Dando and Nick Witkamp, he can claim to be a Victorian judo pioneer. In those days they got their instruction from visiting Japanese seamen.

At that time there were two Australian judo bodies of equal strength. In 1960 Bob Todd was the open champion of the Australian Amateur Judo Association which was not recognised by the Olympic Council. This non-recognition meant that he and his friends were not eligible for the 1964 Olympic Games and all Olympic representatives came from Sydney.

This split lasted for many years and the situation was not remedied until 1985 when Bob became president of the Victorian Olympic body and senior vice president of the Jud Federation of Australia.

It was about this time that Bob became involved with the Victorian Government Martial Arts Board which later became the present Professional Boxing and Combat Sports Board. He is currently a member of this board

For the last five years Bob has been the chairman of the National Grades Commission of the Judo Federation of Australia. He is a life member of Judo Victoria.

Bob’s current Judo rank is 7th Dan International Judo Federation

1ST.DAN V.A.J.A. 1958
2ND.DAN A.A.J.A. 1963
3RD.DAN A.A.J.A. 1968
4TH. DAN A.A.J.A. 1975
5TH. DAN J.F.A.INC. 1981
6TH. DAN J.F.A.INC. 1988
7TH. DAN J.F.A.INC. 1996