Inducted into the A.M.A.H.O.F.(Inc) for 2006
Lifetime Achievement – San Chi Kai (Tasmania)

Inducted into the W.K.U.H.O.F. for 2006
Lifetime Achievement – San Chi Kai (Tasmania)

Kyoshi Maggie Phillips started training with San Chi Kai (Mal Lomax Freestyle Karate) as a mature student with her four children early in September 1978 in a mining town called Rosebery on the west coast of Tasmania. Her senior instructor, Charles Darvis, travelled from Launceston to Rosebery each fortnight leaving the club under the watchful eye of Larry Crane.

Maggie found herself instructing at an early stage of her training due to instructors shift work at the mine which presented quite a challenge for Maggie. The enormity of that challenge motivated Maggie to continue past the personal goals that she had set for herself. Relocating to the Northwest coast Maggie started training in Devonport for a short time until a Dojo closer to home opened. Maggie competed in intra-club tournaments in Kata and Kumite winning both senior female sections and represented Tasmania in State demonstration competition. Under the guidance of Mal Lomax she continued to further her training and acquisition of teaching skills and became accredited with the Coaching Council of Australia at Level one.

Maggie became head instructor of Ulverstone full time dojo upon the leaving of their senior instructor. She initiated tournaments for all age groups and team tournaments between clubs as well as self defence classes. Maggie taught self defence classes at Don College for females and also went into high schools for student electives. She was also invited to teach Self defence at the Victorian Karate schools. Maggie enjoyed teaching the younger students under the age of 13 years and opened the first Mascot class in Devonport with up to 30 students training.

Maggie is an active member of Foster Care Association of Tasmania as Junior Vice president, Vice President of regional FCAT and represents Tasmania on the Australian Foster Care Association, the role is supportive and advocacy for and on behalf of Foster Carers. Work with young students and those that were disadvantaged became a passion for Maggie. She went onto opening a Homeless Youth shelter and it became an avenue to teach Martial Arts to those that were disadvantaged – with the help of her son who is also a keen martial artist.

Maggie on to further her education at Tafe and became a Residential Carer for Child and Family Services Tasmania and working with young children. Maggie later left residential care to foster two young brothers. Maggie is a member the Board of management of Lavenda Springs Education Centre in Kenya, Africa. The organisation has established a school and medical centre and foster homes for those that are disadvantaged and orphaned. Maggie travelled to Kenya to teach the young children self defence and the disciplines of martial arts which is a great tool for self discipline and building confidence and self esteem. Maggie and her husband have cared for some two hundred child/young persons since establishing the youth shelter in 1992 and continuing in residential care short and long term to date.