Inducted into the A.M.A.H.O.F.(Inc) for 2005
Instructor of the Year – Judo (Queensland)

Inducted into the W.K.U.H.O.F. for 2005
Instructor of the Year – Judo (Queensland)

Born Phillip John Brain at Swan Hill in Victoria, Australia, on 6th January, 1937. He attended the Hampton Primary and High Schools during 1943-1954 and obtained the Victorian Leaving Certificate. During that time he was considered an average academic and an all-round athlete, representing the school in soccer, swimming, athletics and Australian Rules football. In his final year at school he became the School Sports Captain and won many district half mile & mile races.

On 2nd August 1952 he attained Gokyu while a member of YMCA Judo Club in Melbourne, under the instruction of Jack COX and his martial arts career was up and running. He continued with his athletics and won the 800 yards at the Sandringham Amateur Athletic Club. In 1953 and 1954 he won the Cross Country at Hampton High School and in 1954 he also won the mile at Sandringham.
After leaving school in 1955 he hiked around Australia working at “Haddon’, a Merino Stud at Warren near Dubbo, and then at the Commonwealth Department of Health at Toowoomba. He taught Judo & Gymnastics at Laurel Bank Park. He then worked for Darling Downs Bacon Factory before hitching to South Johnstone to worked as a Brickies labourer for Babco & Wilcox Boiler Makers, then to the Foundry in South Townsville. Taught Judo in Townsville.

In 1956 Sensei Brain trialed for the Melbourne Olympics in Athletics for the 800 and 1500 metre events. On 7 August 1956 he reported for full time National Service training, completing the 98 days induction course on 12th November. He was discharged from National Service on 10th July 1957.

In May 1958 he attained Ikkyu in Melbourne at a Batsugan Grading at the Frank Dando Branch in a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland. In 1959 he became assistant coach at the University of Queensland Judo dojo. In 1960 he went by train from Brisbane to Dalby under transfer to the Dalby Branch and started the Dalby Judo Club and assisted the Toowoomba & Pittsworth Judo Clubs.

On 6th Aug 1961 he attained Judo Shodan in Brisbane at YUDO KWAI under Japanese coach Takeuchi Sensei. In 1962 he participated in the National Judo Titles at PCYC Wooloongabba resulting in 2nd Place in Lightweight to Guy PUJOL and 3rd Place in the open weight to Ted Boronosky (NSW) and Koerner (S.A.). His two students from Dalby, George Johnston & Syd Johnston, attained Shodans.

In the years that followed Sensei Brain attended many competitions, gradings and trained many students across Queensland. Some of his more outstanding memories are:

1963 Participated in the National Judo Titles in Melbourne.

Trialed for Tokyo Olympics in Sydney in -68 Kg Division.

1965 Silver Medal in Open Black Belt Championships

1964 Began coaching Judo at Rendokwai Club in the City and at the University of Queensland at the Roma Street Dojo.

Runner Up in Open Black Belt Champion JFA Queensland.

1965 He attended Judo Intervarsity in Brisbane and fought in the Queensland team against a Combined universities team, losing 7-3.

1965 Hitch hiked to Melbourne with Howard Lister to participant in National Judo Titles in Melbourne – result 6th out of 11 dan grades open weight category

1966 10th December attained NIDAN

1966 attained 2nd place in Mackay Dan Division of Qld State Titles

1967 attained Sandan

1969 Korean Yudo Academy SanDan and began teaching Judo in Secondary schools, at one point teaching in fourteen schools.

1971 Conducted a two week course in MT Isa.

1974 Spent 4 months training in JAPAN and 2 months training in Europe, attended Winter training (Kangeiko) in Fukuoka with the Prefectural Police Department and trained at Ohori High School Judo Club

Attended State Judo Titles in Toowoomba

Tour director of JFAQ 17 person team to Fukuoka, Japan

1975 Coaching Director of Fukuoka Judo Team visit to Brisbane

1976 State Judo Coach

1977 Qld State Judo Coach

Attended National Titles Inala PCYC

Opened a Judo Shop selling Judo & Karate Uniforms

Coach to Qld team to Oceania Titles in Melbourne

Awarded Life Membership of University of Queensland Sports & Recreation for his contribution to UNIVERSITY JUDO

1978 Queensland State Judo Coach and Manager for Senior Judo Squad

Competed in Veterans Competition at Bushido Club in NSW – Second in Under 70 Kg

Assisted Miss Keiko Fukuda 6th Dan to conduct a course in Womens kata at Qld Uni Dojo

1979 Qld State Coach at National Titles at Sydney

1979-85 JFAQ Sec/Administrator

1979 Attained JUDO YONDAN under John PETERS

1980 Qld manager of State Team to Canberra National Titles

Attended Judo camp in Hobart with Taka Nakajima from Kokushikan University Tokyo

Qld State “A” Class Referee

Attended Olympic Solidarity Seminar in Auckland

NSW Mens Veterans Titles Under 70 Kg – 2nd Place

1980 – 1987 Inaugural Chairman of Queensland Judo Coaching Accreditation ie NCAS

1981 Assisted Coach at Women’s Kata Course by Miss Keiko Fukuda 6th Dan USA

1982 JFAQ Manager of Senior State team to PERTH Nationals

1983 -1988 Inaugural President Coach of Queensland Japanese Sword Association.

1984 Qld Manager Senior State Team Melbourne Nationals

1984-85 Executive Member of Queensland State Directors of Coaching.

1984 Qld Manager State Team Brisbane Nationals

1985 NCAS Level 2 Coach

1986 attained Godan in Brisbane :examiner Peter HERRMANN

Chairman of Qld Judo Coaching Accreditation Committee

Secretary of Qld State Directors of coaching

1987 – 93 State “A” class Referee and Executive of Uni of Qld Judo Club & Queensland State EXAMINER for JUDO

1988 Attended Seoul OLYPMICS as Coach for his son competing in JUDO for Australia

Seoul OLYMPICS his student Cathy GRAINGER competed in JUDO for Australia

1988-2001 Honorary Life member of Queensland Japanese Sword Association.

1989 – 92 Part Time administrator of JFAQ & served on the Executive

1990 JFAQ South Zone President

Qld manager Senior State Team

1991 State Judo Titles in MT ISA

Attained Level 1 Aust Sports Administrators Association

Qld Manager Senior State Team for National JUDO Titles in Sydney


Coach Manager of Uni Qld team for National University Championships at Latrobe Melbourne

Co-ordinator of JUDO in THIRD AUSTRALIAN MASTERS GAMES in BRISBANE and Participant in 50-55 years under 75 Kg – Gold Medal

1991 – 92 JFAQ Sth Zone Treasurer

1992 Awarded Australia Day Council Runner Up Administrator medal

1991/92 Coach of Australia’s ONLY female competitor in Barcelona OLYMPICS Cathy Grainger

1993 Schweppes Sports Plus Australian University Games Tournament Director & Queensland Uni Team manager PERTH

Level Two National Coaching Accreditation

awarded 6th Dan Black Belt by Judo Federation of Australia Cert No 6021

Participant in Australian Masters Games in Perth Gold 55-59 Yrs Lt Weight; Gold 55-59 Yrs Open, fought in the Teams match between Australia & Sth Africa, won his fight but Australia was narrowly beaten. Silver team medal.

Began Chairmanship of World Masters Games JUDO Sub Committee

1994 State A Class Judo Referee

Had a spinal operation for the removal of a cyst inside the spine after which he ceased coaching at Uni of Qld

Chaired the JUDO sub committee of World Masters Games

Competed in the under 80 Kg 55-59 Yrs division – won THIRD PLACE Received the RUSSIAN Lev YASHIN Foundation award for the BEST TECHNIQUE at the Event.

1995 Malanda Milk Qld Masters Games Townsville under 78 Kg 55-60 yrs – Gold (Only Competitor)

Malanda Milk Qld Masters Games in Townsville Under 78 Kg Div 35-60 Yrs – 2″d out of 6 players

5th Australian Masters Games MELBOURNE 55 Yrs + Lt Wt. Bronze Medal

1996 Attended the Atlanta OLYMPICS to support his daughter-in-law competing in Atlanta OLYMPICS for Australia, her 3rd Olympics

Judo workshop at Frank Dando’s Melbourne

Went to Japan visiting Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Kokura, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Shikoku, Tokyo, Morioka & Nerima

1997 Competed in Wanganui Masters Games New Zealand Gained a Silver medal in under 60 yrs Middleweight and was a Judge in the Kata competition

1999 at Zentsuji in Shikoku. conceived my Book Marks.

2000 Began Shingon Buddhist Pilgrimage Kobo Daishi, started in Kagawa ken, with help of Kashihara. Finished Kagawa Ken by 5th Jan. Train to Bando in Tokushima Ken, averaged 10-15 Kms a day with lifts etc, finished at temple 66 Sankakuji on 14th. Took many photos & wrote 43 Haiku which were later published with some of the photos. Visited Shirakawa-go with Tomiko. After Tokyo home on 30 Jan
Entered Coffs Harbour Masters Games ran in 400m, 800m & 1500m

SYDNEY OLYMPIC GAMES judo was great and many of the photos he took were printed in the USA JUDO JOURNAL.

2004 attended PAN PACIFIC GAMES meetings as Sport Co-ordinator for JUDO