Inducted into the A.M.A.H.O.F.(Inc) for 2005
Instructor of the Year – Jujitsu (New South Wales)

Inducted into the W.K.U.H.O.F. for 2005
Instructor of the Year – Jujitsu (New South Wales)

Peggy O’Malley was born in Canberra on 4th August, 1950. She attended School in Queanbeyan. Once leaving school Peggy attended the Canberra TAFE College and was subsequently employed with the Department of Immigration from 1966 to her leaving in 1972.

Peggy married James O’Malley (AMAHOF inductee 2004), in November 1971. They have four grown children : Michelle, Toni, Jenni and David.

Employed from 1987-2001 with St George Bank, Peggy rose to the position of Customer Service Manager of the Queanbeyan Branch. Through this position she developed very valuable and long standing business and personal relationships with many people from the Queanbeyan/ACT area.

Peggy is currently employed with Department of Defence in Canberra.

She has been involved with many sporting bodies over the years in the Canberra/Queanbeyan area. Following is a brief history of some of her achievements:

Began her martial arts training in 1971 with the then RSL Queanbeyan Judo Club located at Crest Road, Queanbeyan. She achieved her Shodan with the Peter Morton Academy of Judo JuJitsu Karate organisation on 10th December 1983 and currently holds Godan Black Belt.

She was awarded Life Membership of the Peter Morton Academy at their 40 years celebration in October 2002 and appointed to the Board of Directors of the Academy in 2004.

Peggy assisted her husband James during his role as Chief Instructor of the then Queanbeyan RSL Judo Club. During his absences she took over as Chief Instructor. Many thousands of children came through the junior school during the time that James was Chief Instructor. She also assisted in teaching seniors at this school. Peggy assisted on many occasions at other various schools within the ACT district and also assisted on grading panels when required.

Peggy instructed Self Defence for Women courses regularly with Sensei Kevin Barry, Chief Instructor, Hughes Branch, until his departure to Queensland several years ago. She was also approached by the Goulburn TAFE to teach Self Defence to a group of female participants from a local Women’s Refuge. This particular course gave her great satisfaction when she saw how these women, who had been both physically and mentally abused, grew in self confidence and self esteem which had been taken from them by the abuse they had endured. These women did not trust males and it was a requirement that the person who taught them was female and Peggy gained a huge amount of respect and trust from these women.

Over the time of her involvement with the Academy she has participated in many exhibitions for the local community at festivals and fund raising events, demonstrating how effectively a female can defend herself when self defence is required. She is currently assisting her Principal, Mr David Rowley, in teaching at his Radcliffe School.

Peggy has also been an active member of the Queanbeyan Netball Association since its inception in 1974. Her involvement with this Association has been varied in that she has played top division netball up until 2 years ago when she retired from playing due to personal reasons; obtained her  Grade Umpires Badge with the NSW Netball Association and regularly undertake exams to maintain this level; has umpired for many years at NSW State (Under 17, 19, 21 and Open), NSW State Age Championships (under 12-15 years) and also at local Association level both in Queanbeyan and ACT and regional country areas; has undertaken the role of conditioner/trainer for State and State Age Representatives participating at State Level Championships; and has coached both local club and school teams.

Peggy is also an active playing member of the Queanbeyan Park Tennis Club since the age of 11. During this time she has played competition tennis within the Club and at inter-district competitions both in NSW and ACT. She regularly participates in social tennis with the Club.

When her children attended Queanbeyan Little Athletics she involved myself in all activities of the Association to assist the junior athletes, ie. team training, race organisation and time keeping. She was appointed as the Team Trainer and Manager. She organises athletes for events at Regional and State competitions. This has been a most challenging task as the Queanbeyan Club at this time was one of the largest in the ACT region (comprising in excess of 300 young athletes ranging in age from under 7 to 15 year olds) encompassing not only Canberra but Cooma and South Coast as far as Bega. One of her most difficult challenges was ensuring that they had enough parent participation at these Championships. She was fortunate that through her association with other sports she had the respect of these parents and they were more than willing to help when asked.

Upon her resignation from the QLAA she was awarded a plaque for Outstanding Service and Achievement to the Club.

In 1988 Peggy was appointed as a Team Manager with the ACT Little Athletic Association when her daughter Jenni was selected to represent ACT Interstate Teams Championships (ITC).

In addition to the above, she has also been involved over the years in many other sporting exploits such as being a member of the ACT Veterans Athletics Association; participating in 14 City to Surf Runs; participating in many Half Marathons in Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane; and on numerous occasions in many fun runs in the community for fund raising events. She was a member of the Queanbeyan Basketball Association playing A Grade at local level and participated as a team member at triathalon events.

Through her sporting achievements and involvement she has developed a very strong understanding of commitment and respect. This has been a valuable asset in her personal and working life.

From all of the sports she has participated in, Martial Arts has had the most impact on her personally. Not only has she gained lifelong friendships but she has been able to recognise that Martial Arts has the ability to nurture ones inner strength and ability to overcome most obstacles in our sporting, personal and working life. Peggy has gained so much satisfaction from seeing young juniors coming through the ranks growing into young adults with self confidence and the ability to understand that most obstacles can be overcome with persistence and dedication.

The motto of the Academy “Be Master of Yourself ” has formed the basis of her day to day life. Peggy has endeavoured through her teaching ability to deliver this message to all that she has had the pleasure of instructing.