Inducted into the A.M.A.H.O.F.(Inc) for 2005
Outstanding Contribution – San Chi Kai (Victoria)

Inducted into the W.K.U.H.O.F. for 2005
Outstanding Contribution – San Chi Kai (Australia)

Kyoshi Ian Hall, a father of three, decided to commence martial arts training at Mal Lomax Karate Schools as a mature age student after taking his son Jason to training up to five times a week and watching. Ian started training in 1982 after sitting on the ‘side lines’ for approximately two years. Suffice to say, after watching for so long, Ian quickly progressed through the lower grades.

In 1983, whilst still only a brown belt, Ian officially began instructing in the Melbourne suburb of Burwood after the Head Instructor of the Burwood club became unable to continue in that role. Ian was chosen as the most suitable candidate to continue with the operations and administration of the club. Under the tutelage of Ian, the Burwood dojo has now been operating continuously for twenty-one years and has become arguable the strongest and most disciplined club within the Mal Lomax Karate Schools system. As a direct result of Ian’s tutelage the Burwood club is renowned for it’s respect by both students towards their instructors, and instructors towards their students. The fact that over half of Ian’s students have each been training continuously with him for over ten years is testament to this.

The Burwood club has also produced a high number of San Chi Kai’s best intra-club and all-styles tournament competitors. Ian has coached both individuals and teams at state representation level. After twenty-three years of training solely with Kaicho Mal Lomax, Ian has been the recipient of all the clubs highest awards.

As the Victorian Head Instructor for Mal Lomax Karate Schools, Ian also operates other clubs in the Melbourne metropolitan area catering to different categories of students. Although Ian loves the physical and mental toughness of training with his senior black belts, Ian also loves the challenge of training both the under-fourteen (Mascot) and under-eighteen (Junior) ranks.

Apart from his continuous service to Kaicho Mal Lomax and the Victorian clubs, Ian coaches both intellectually disabled (ID) basketball and netball teams. Ian became involved with netball in 1994 through his two daughters and progressed from a supporting role, to coaching, and then to coaching mixed ID teams. Ian’s experience with the intellectually disabled, and as a basketball player prior to commencing martial arts training, saw him get involved with the Victorian Intellectually Disabled Basketball league in 1997. Initially Ian played a supporting role assisting with fitness and fundraising for ‘Vic Metro’ a team within the league. Soon after Ian was accepted as Vic Metro’s official fitness adviser and then a short time later as the team’s assistant coach, helping to coach Vic Metro to five national titles. Ian continues to share his time between karate and basketball which he finds immensely rewarding.

Kyoshi Ian Hall achieved his Godan (5th Degree) in San Chi Kai Karate in May 2004.