Inducted into the A.M.A.H.O.F.(Inc) for 2003

Inducted into the W.K.U.H.O.F. for 2003

Sensei Barry Johnson would have to be one of Australia’s all time Judo Champions and one of our greatest ambassadors for the Olympic sport of Judo. He has the most impressive competition record of any Australian Judo Champion.

Off the mat Barry is a very likeable, polite, gentleman and good family man, far from the fearsome, fit, focused, strong competitor of past years. Sensei Johnson’s reign as an Australian Champion spanned thirteen years of his thirty nine years in the sport. He began his Judo training in 1963 under Sensei Brian Burke and Sensei Terry McCathy at the City of Sydney Police Citizens Boys Club, Woolloomooloo, New South Wales. He has also been a member of YMCA Sydney Judo club, Sydney University Judo Club, Moss Vale International, and Illawarra International Judo Clubs. Sensei Johnson has held the rank of Yondan (4th Dan Black Belt) since 1978.

Sensei Johnson’s Judo competition record is as follows:

New South Wales State Championships:
1968 1st Hwt, 1969 1st U93, 1970 1st U93, 1971 1st U93, 1972 1st U93, 1973 1st U93, 1974 1st U93, 1975 1st U93, 1976 1st over 93, 1977 1st U95, 1978, 1st U95, 1979 1st U95, 1980 1st over 95 kgs.

NSW Championships – Open Division:
1968 1st, 1969 1st, 1973 1st, 1976 1st, 1977 1st, 1979 2nd, 1980 2nd.

Australian Championships:
1968 1st Hwt, 1969 1st U93, 1971 1st U93, 1971 1st U93, 1972 1st U93, 1973 2nd U93, 1974 1st U93, 1975 2nd U93, 1976 1st U93, 1977 1st U95, 1978 1st U95, 1979 1st U95, 1980 2nd U95, 1981 2nd U95. Sensei Johnson retired from competition after 1981.

Australian Championships – Open Division:
1969 2nd, 1971 2nd, 1972 2nd, 1973 1st, 1974 2nd, 1975 2nd, 1976 1st, 1977 1st, 1978 2nd.

Oceania Judo Championships:
1971 1st U93 kgs division, 1975 2nd U93 kgs and 3rd Open, 1977 1st U95 kgs, 1979 U95 kgs.

World Championships:
Sensei Johnson’s International record is equally impressive. He was Australia’s World Titles representative to the: 1968 Mexico City, Mexico, 1973 Lausanne, Switzerland, 1977 Barcelona, Spain (Judo Cancelled), 1971 Ludwigshafen, West Germany, 1975 Vienna, Austria, 1979 Paris, France. His best result was in Vienna 1975 where he gained a 5th place in the under 93 kgs division, an excellent achievement.

Olympic Games record:
His Olympic Games record is as follows: 1972 Munich, West Germany, 20th Olympiad played both U93 and Open division. Selected for 1976 Montreal, Canada, however due to a medical problem detected during the Olympic Team physical did not attend.

Sensei Johnson’s philosophy to his great competition career is summed by him as “it’s not the winning or achievements that count but the journey to get there”.

He was at the Illawarra International Training Camp held over the Australia Day long weekend teaching and helping wherever possible. His experience and personality shows in every aspect of his Judo and all benefit from it, particularly the young up and coming players. The sport of Judo is in good condition when we have senior players and champions like Sensei Johnson and others putting back into the sport at events like this.

Sensei Barry Johnson exemplified everything one would desire in a role model for the young, as a competitor, he was fearless, impossible to dominate, aggressive, tireless, and confident. As a technician and teacher he has given of his time and experience to literally hundreds of judoka, all of whom have benefited from his knowledge and his patience. Unlike many in the Martial Arts, he has not sought to cash in on his success, nor even to seek his due reward by applying for promotion to higher grades. He practices, and teaches, for the sheer love of the game.

Off the mat, Sensei Johnson is regarded by his peers as a friendly, modest and very popular champion. Sometimes our sporting administration does not give proper recognition to it’s great sporting ambassadors and champions of the past and it is with great pleasure that AMAHOF gives such overdue recognition to Sensei Barry Johnson – a true champion and martial artist pioneering Australian Judo nationally and internationally.

Live long and enjoy life Sensei Barry Johnson, a great Australian Champion