Inducted into the A.M.A.H.O.F.(Inc) for 2002
Kyokushinkai Instructor of the Year

Inducted into the W.K.U.H.O.F. for 2002
Kyokushinkai Instructor of the Year

Organisation Name : Mas Oyama Karate Kyokushinkai Kan. Position : Kancho (Director).

Martial Arts Style : Karate

Main Country of Origin : Japan

Experience : Kyokushin 30 years

Teaching Time : 26 years

Own Dojo Time : 26 years

Gradings Held : Shodan 1977, Nidan 1979, Sandan 1987, Yondan 1990, Godan 1993, Rokudan 1996, Nannadan (7th Dan) 2001.

Record of Past Teachers : Shihan Doug Holloway, Sensei Des Knowles, Sosai Mas Oyama, Shihan Bobby Lowe, Shihan Rob Begbie.

Competition Role / Official : Judge, Referee, Promoter

Competition Record : N.Z.Nationals 1992 to present, Japan 1995 – Corner Judge

Overseas Experience : Japan, Hawaii, Australia, Gt.Britain, Singapore.

Organisation Trained With : Sosai Mas Oyama, Shihan Aryoshi Matsui, Shihan Yuzo Goda, Shihan Bobby Lowe, Shihan Steve Arneil, Shihan John Taylor, Shihan Eddie Emin, Shihan Mamoru Kaneo, Shihan Peter Chong.

Teaching Involvement : Weekly

Grading Record. Number of Gradings as Panel Member : More than 20.

Current Titles Held or Used : Shihan, Kancho.

Karate History :

1972 : March 6 – Began training in Oyama Karate under Des Knowles in Hamilton.

August – First training camp at Wanganui. November 11 – First grading. Awarded 6th kyu by Sensei Doug Holloway, Sempai Mike Barkman.

1973 : November 4 – Awarded 5th kyu by Sensei Doug Holloway, Sempai Mark Barkman and Sempai Jacko Ta’ala.

1974 : August 18 – Awarded 4th kyu by Sempai Knowles.

1975 : 1st placings in Mens Open Kata and Mens Open Kumite at Hamilton.

April – 1st place Mens 3rd and 4th kyu kumite at Hastings.

1976 : March 7 – Awarded 3rd kyu by Sempai Fred Coulter and Sempai Des Knowles.

April 18th – Awarded 2nd Kyu by Sempai Rob Begbie and Sempai Solly Purcell.

May – Opened first dojo.

October 9 – Awarded Shodan by Messrs Begbie and Purcell.

1977 : April -1st place Mens open kumite division North Is.Champs at Hastings

2nd place Mens black belt division kata.

1st place (shared) NZ v Australia. Australia tour to Sydney.

1978 : April – 1st place Mens black belt division kumite and 2nd place Mens open kata at Hastings.

1979 : April – 1st place Mens open kumite, 2nd place Mens open kata at Hastings.

October 13 – 3rd place Mens open black belt division N.Z. TKD champs at Hamilton, 2nd place Japanese kata.

November 24 – Awarded Nidan by Shahan Ivan Zavetchanos (Aust.) at Hastings.

1980 : April – 1st place Mens U97kg dan rank kumite at Hastings.

1981 : April – 2nd place Mens U85kg dan rank kumite at Hastings.

June – 1st place Mens open division kumite at Ngaruawahia.

September – Winner NZ Kyokushin knockdown champs at Wellington.

November – Awarded NZ Martial Arts Assoc. Refs. and Judges Cert.

1982 : March – 1st place team honours in NZ v Australia “Anzen Bogu.” Tournament hosted by NZ Goju Kai.

June 5 – 1st place Mens H/W black belt division Sth.Is.Champs at Dunedin.

1st place Senior Mens kata.

September – 1st place Mens open knockdown champs at Wellington.

1983 : April – 1st place Senior Mens black belt kata.

June – 1st place H/W Mens black belt division at Ngaruawahia.

July – 1st place Mens open Kyokushin knockdown tournament at Hamilton.

September 3 – 2nd place H/W division Australian knockdown titles. At Sydney.

1984 : September – Member of NZ team to Australian knockdown champs. Not placed.

1985 : Off the scene. Joined N.Z. Police force!

1986 : October 26 – Winner Mens black belt kumite H/W division and Grand Champion.
1987 : Member of NZ team NZ v Australia for Peter Simmons memorial trophy.

August 1st – Awarded Sandan by Shihan Bob McCallum.

1988 : March – Travelled to Britain for one month’s training with Shihan Steve Arneil and Sensei Cyril Andrews.

July – 2nd place Mens H/W black belt division NZ Champs. At Wellington.

October – Opening of new Huntly dojo.

1989 : April 15 – 2nd place Mens H/W Sth.Is. knockdown champs at Dunedin.

1990 : August – Winner of the Australian knockdown champs at Sydney.

October – Awarded Yondan by Shihan Bob McCallum.

1991 : July – Winner NZ knockdown champs at Wellington.

November – Member of NZ team to World Champs at Tokyo, Japan. Placed 20th in the world. First ever NZ’er to make it through to the final day.

Retired from the ring and threw all my energies inro running my Huntly dojo.

1993: Appointed New Zealand Branch Chief and country representative by Sosai Masutatsu Oyama.

Celebrated the International Year of the Woman by selecting and sending two female black belts to the Hawaii training camp hosted by Shihan Bobby Lowe.

Attended summer training camp in Yugowara Japan. Awarded Godan by Sosai Oyama.

1994 : Attend funeral of Sosai Oyama.

1995 : Attend World tournament as country representative. Corner judged and performed in a demonstration of kata.

1996 : Attend camp in Melbourne Australia under Kancho Matsui. Awarded Rokudan. Also attend camp in Singapore under Shihan Peter Chong. Return to Melbourne to officiate at Australian nationals. Enter past champs kumite section. Gained first place. Open new Hamilton dojo.

1997 : Attend Hawaii summer self defence camp.

2000 : Instrumental in formation of new autonomous organisation with executive officers Shihans Doug Holloway, Mike Kenworthy and Graeme Gavegan.

2001 Awarded Nannadan by executive committee.

Since my inception as a Branch Chief by the late Mas Oyama, I have endeavoured to adhere to his teachings at all times. I have continued to remain active as an instructor and am still the Chief Referee at all our tournaments.

At the 2002 Awards, Kevin will be inducted into the New Zealand, Australasian and World Karate Union Halls of Fame.