durell david rowleyInducted into the A..M.A.H.O.F.(Inc) for 1999

Inducted into the W.K.U.H.O.F. for 1999

Renshi Rowley has been training in martial arts since he was 6 years old Throughout his junior years Renshi Rowley trained at the Queanbeyan branch under the guidance of Peter Morton (Judan), James O’Malley (Godan), Leo Douros (Sandan), Tommy Daniel (Nidan) and Paul Bokenkamp (Shodan). His Shodan black belt class was taken by Renshi Des Perry (Yondan, he stayed with Jishukan Honbu), he was assisted by Mick Munos (shodan) and Dennis Rowley (Sandan) in the boxing. Peter Moilon gave the class intensive fitness training in the last few months.

After receiving his Shodan he taught at Queanbeyan until the amalgamation of all senior clubs to the Civic YMCA in Canberra. In 1980/81 he was approached by the senior executive to run the next black belt class along with his partner Dave Grubb (Shodan), with whom he was graded for his Shodan. Renshi Rowley ran the next class with the help of Robert Toll (Yondan) and Edward Scharrer (Godan). Since then all classes have been run by Edward Scharrer and Renshi Rowley.

All the above instructors have inspired him to push that bit harder to achieve his personal best. They have become personal friends, confidants and mentor (Peter Morton). Without these people Renshi Rowley believes he would not have reached his present standard. It is through their support and camaraderie that he believes he will continue to extend on his present knowledge, strength and expertise singularly and as a team (The Peter Morton Academy of Self Defence) will move into the new millennium.

Peter Morton founded his own Jujitsu school at the Canberra Police Boys club in 1958. His aim was to provide training in the martial arts to all interested people in the community, to encourage fitness and health and occupy the youth of the day. His intentions were simply to cover costs of hall hire, certificates etc, his time and effort was always given freely, he did not want or accept any financial rewards. In fact his reward to this day as well as my own and my fellow instructors in the Peter Morton Academy of Self Defence, is the results we see in the achievements of our students, from a five year olds first correct breakfall to the successful grading of a student to Shodan.

Renshi Rowley has:

  • Been teaching since 1975

  • Has taught at the Queanbeyan club, junior & seniors in Yarralumla, Civic YMCA and Tharwa club.

  • Run black belt classes from 1983 until 1998

  • Started the Radcliffe branch in 1995

  • Visited various martial arts schools in Japan in l989 to study different training styles.

  • Taught students with disabilities which he has found to be an extremely valuable experience.

  • Participated in and run demonstrations at school fetes and various functions

  • Run a fitness for all class for old and young people at the Stoney Creek Community Hall

  • Helped with running a children’s games night once a month

  • Participated in the building of a children’s playground for the Radcliffe playgroup.

  • Women’s self defence courses on a non profit basis

  • Selected to run seven black belt classes as Chief instructor of techniques

  • Member of grading panel for both seniors & juniors

  • Member of black belt grading panel

  • Formatting of seminars, facilitated and presented annual seminars

  • Ran Canberra & regional junior seminar

  • Run technique training days Canberra & regional areas

  • Brought all senior gradings together in the Canberra region which has improved the standard of techniques in all branches within the area