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Inducted into the W.K.U.H.O.F. for 1996 –



Shihan Gallon was born on 24 November 1952. His Martial Arts began with his father introducing him to boxing and judo in 1964. Shihan Gallon then started Shotokan karate, obtaining his 1st dan black belt in 1972.

Shihan spent time travelling overseas to Japan in the early 80’s, training the hard way. However in October 1991 his Master Kancho Masafumi Suzuki passed away, and like a lot of other styles when the master goes, Seibukan Japan split and most of the branches closed world wide. He decided however to continue with the “Seibukan” name so he could keep honouring Suzuki Sensei. Since then a new Seibukan has started up in Japan, but as Shihan was not pleased with the direction this new organisation was heading he approached Okinawa to be recognised in his own right. On 8 July 1996, Shihan was officially appointed as the style head for Australia for the style of Seibukan Goju Ryu. He was also awarded the rank of 7th dan and the title of Kyoshi.

His awards and achievements read like a who’s who in Martial Arts including; Gold medal – Japanese University Championships 1991; Captain of the Australian full contact Seibukan World Cup in Japan, 1991.

He placed 5th in semi contact fighting and full contact fighting and 8th in kata of which 30 countries attended; 1st place open black belt kumite – USA Nationals All Styles 1994; lst place open black belt kobudo – USA Nationals All Styles 1994; lst place open black belt kata – USA Nationals All Styles 1994; 1st place, kumite, kata, kobudo open black belt – USA Nationals All Styles 1995; Captain of Australian Kumite and Kata Team 1993 and 1994.

Shihan Gallon holds titles in 14 regional and national championships and is a holder of the 1994 World USKA Karate Title. He has been inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame 1993 as “Master Instructor of the Year”; Inducted again in 1994 in the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame as “Australian Coach of the year”; Inducted again in 1995 in the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame and presented with a “Life Achievement Award”; Inducted into the Sokeship World Hall of Fame in 1995 as “Karate Ka of the year” and inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame 1996 as “Man of the Year, Karate”.

Shihan Gallon’s current grading is 7th dan karate – International Karate Kobudo Federation, Okinawa; 6th dan Jujitsu – Nihon Jujitsu, Master George Anderson (10th dan), plus various other dan ranking’s such as Kendo, Iaido, Kobudo and Tae Kwon Do. He received his first teacher’s licence from Kancho Sensei Masafumi Suzuki in 1991 for karate-do and kendo and his second teacher’s licence came from Okinawa in July 1996 for karate-do and kobudo.