The American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM), Jakarta, in association with the Combined Martial Arts Academy (CMAA), and sponsored by Asian Tigers Lane Moving & Storage, held on Saturday 4th December a self defence seminar for the AMCHAM, Young Professionals at the CMAA Dojo. AMCHAM is a well known group of professional business men and women that conducts varying activities which are of interest to their members.

The CMAA was requested by AMCHAM to assist Joel Hinz who led the instruction on the seminar. Joel is a former US Marine, Police Officer, and Security Risk Advisor in the Middle East. He has a diverse appreciation of multiple Martial Arts skills and Defensive Tactics. His experience and knowledge was greatly appreciated and benefited the participants of the seminar.

Instructors from the CMAA included Glen Gardiner and Shane Boyd. The CMAA club members also assisted by partnering with the AMCHAM participants; ensuring that they had one on one instruction during the course of the training.

The seminar comprised theoretical learning supported by practical application. It was Joel’s intent to ensure that all the participants had as much of a “Hands On” learning opportunity as possible.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the training, some a little too much, as they had the opportunity to punch and kick simulated assailants in varying scenarios for over three hours. Participants had the opportunity to learn security awareness as well as develop an appreciation of the current security environment and its associated threats and risks within Indonesia; Understand the psychological and physiological effects on the human body during a conflict related incident, and their requirements to maintain legal compliance concerning the use of force during such an incident.

It was the more practical elements of the program however, that all seemed to enjoy the most including demonstrations of improvised defensive weapons, the body as a weapon, vulnerable areas of the body and striking techniques. The seminar was rounded off with defensive tactics against restraining attacks, edged weapons attack, and ground defence when being restrained.

C:\Users\Glen\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\PZU2FGLT\Group pic.JPGThe main benefit however, as stated by CMAA Senior Instructor Glen Gardiner, was seeing the recognition in the faces of the participants once they realized that they did have the capability and capacity to defend themselves. This was reiterated by Joel Hinz who made the comment to the group that the defenders mental approach is equally as important as their ability to physically respond to an assailant.

It is sincerely hoped that everyone had a good time as well as taking a little knowledge with them at the end of the day. If anyone is interested in training at a clean, secure and well managed training facility please do not hesitate to check out the opportunities highlighted on the CMAA website,